Become More Socially Organized In Less Than 10 Minutes!

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We all know that social media is constantly becoming more and more prevalent in our society. You see it everywhere you go: people checking their emails on their smart phones, kids playing games on their iPads, and chances are that you’re reading this blog on some sort of small and sleek electronic device (unless someone printed this out to put into a book of the best blogs ever written. I guess that would be ok.) Regardless of how updated you are on all that is available in the world of social media nowadays, it’s presence in your world is undeniable, ever looming and influential to yourself and all those around you.

Because of the rise in popularity of social media, businesses are looking for ways to make their social media efforts easier and more organized. Many times, small social media businesses can have difficulty with a multitude of things (just as any other organization would). There are great tools like Sendible to help with the behind the scenes of your business so that you can focus on the important things like building your brand, making your clients happy and becoming more user friendly.

I have noticed that many social media marketers all have the same issues while trying to become successful. As social media marketers, we want to design images and create posts that our clients will love. After all, what are we doing here if our clients aren’t happy with the work we put forth? Because of this, we can often be unsure what to do when it comes to using social media the (for lack of better word) “proper” way. For instance, say you have a client who doesn’t want something to be posted at a particular time of day, but according to the analytics you’ve been seeing, that time is the best for your client’s company.

While most clients would understand that we do this for a living, sometimes you’ll work with a person who just won’t budge (and that’s ok). What I have learned while being in the social media business is that it isn’t always about the numbers that are rising (although, let’s be honest, that’s a pretty important part) but it is also about making your client’s (or your own) voice heard the way it is indented for their audience. You can be the most successful person in the world, but if you aren’t being true to yourself, your audience won’t grow anyway.

I find that adding in some fun cane really do the trick when it comes to audience engagement! Digital Sherpa says, “Brands that experience the most customer engagement have a higher conversion rate and increased online presence. Running Facebook contests and allowing users to share content are some great solutions for increasing engagement with your fans.”. I couldn’t agree with this more! So many small marketing offices that I see are only focusing on one or the other. By blending the audience interaction with helpful information that your audience will find pertinent, you will not only see your analytics getting even better but also create a loyal customer base. If you work in advertising, you probably already realize just how important social media is for businesses (especially small ones). It is so inspiring to me to connect with small businesses, help them and become one of their loyal customers in the process. Social media connects people, especially those who have tons of drive and determination (which is one of the main components of a small business person).


Now, I have been rambling for a few paragraphs about different aspects of social media and business. Honestly, it is one of those things that inspires me so greatly, that I want to share it with others! The fact that we live in a day and age where something as popular as social media is becoming so prevalent is one of the reasons I love what I do. You other social media obsessed people out there may understand where I am coming from (especially if you own your own business). I get to do what I love everyday to help others get to do what they love everyday. What could be better than that?
I did want to take a moment to impress upon you the difficulty in this field though. Like any other business, the social media industry has its hard times. If you really love it, you’ll fight through those hard times, right? My thoughts exactly! The reason I bring this up is because I think it is so incredibly important to stay organized and up to date on everything while these hard times are going on. Actually, scratch that, staying organized and up to date with things in the social media world is simply just crucial if you want to stay a float! That’s why I think Sendible is such a rare gem to have in this otherwise crazy world of advertising.

If you haven’t heard about Sendible, prepare to have your mind blown! As stated on their website, “Sendible allows businesses to manage their social media more effectively.” Boy, is that the understatement of the year! My team loves working with Sendible because it is seriously so straight forward and easy to understand! There is something truly beautiful about using a service that helps your business stay put together and seeing your business thrive because of it. Believe me, if you need organization and better optimization for your social media efforts, this team knows what they are taking about!

Overall, using Sendible and trying to stay above the competition (namely, the “big brands”) just makes sense together. It can be difficult to know how to tell when to pull out your fight face and when to focus on other things. For Instance, my team and I are always trying to produce quality work that would be just as good as the big name brand advertisers but some-times we have to accept our small business life and enjoy that we can do more than the big boys because of this. Always being grateful for what you have is a big motto in my company and my employees lives as well.

Sendible states, “Our philosophy is to innovate and build features that are most useful to the majority of our users while at the same time creating a positive customer experience that cannot be found with our competitors.” When I read this on their website, I couldn’t help but smile. They are clearly smart about business in the sense that they are appealing to a wide audience (something I have to think about every day in my work life) but they also want to make sure your experience with them is top notch so you’ll not only want to work with them again but also tell others about your positive thoughts about them.

Can I just say how wonderful it is to be in social media and work with a company that has the same standards and morals as I do? As much as it pains me to say, advertisers have a bad wrap for “tricking” people into buying, selling, believing things, etc. What I love about social media is the ability to change this image of advertisers and show the world (and our clients) that we are about connecting with others and getting the world out about fun, new and important information! Sendible allows us to do this and agrees with our core values. I am a lucky business owner in that my team and my extended team have set out to accomplish one encompassing goal overall: give people a reason to stop, read, smile and go abut their day. Those little moments can bring so much joy to a person’s life…and you may not even realize it. How lucky are we to work in such an amazing industry?

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Organize how you post your social media content!

Become More Socially Organized In Less Than 10 Minutes!
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