Uncommon Ways To Build A Sales Flow

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Did you know….

A funnel DOESN’T have to mean the traditional landing page to the sales page. Maybe you aren’t even sure you KNOW what a FUNNEL IS.

It CAN BE so amazing for your business and you probably don’t even know all the ‘FUNNELS’ you interact with EVERY DAY!

Today we are going to chat about all of the places you can set up sales flows without worrying about AFFORDING / NAVIGATING the tech to set one up!


What does funnel mean in marketing?

A funnel is simply the sales flow that is used to attract, nurture, and convert leads. The attraction part of the funnel is wide at the top to capture large numbers of leads. The funnel gets smaller as leads move through the nurture phase and down to the narrowest part which is where leads convert to a sale.

Marketing funnels are often called “sales funnels”, “purchase funnels”, “conversion funnels”, and other similar terms. These terms used to have slightly different definitions in the past, but these days they usually refer to the same concept. The main distinction between the different types of funnels you’ll be building will depend on your objectives.

What are the stages of the marketing funnel?

The stages of a marketing funnel are attracting, nurture, convert. For a sales flow to work, you must attract leads to your business or content, nurture them, and then convert them from lead to sales.

Does Funnel Marketing Work?

YES!!! But it doesn’t have to be a traditional lead magnet funnel. There are lots of uncommon funnels that are super effective ways of moving people through the marketing stages. You probably already have several of them in your own business and might not realize that with a few small tweaks to connect the dots, you could have a complete sequence to move your leads
seamlessly through your sales flow.

Where does social media fit within your funnel?

Social media fits in the traditional marketing funnel because it’s a great place to look for leads as it allows for a more targeted approach.

I also want to clear up right away… a funnel DOESN’T have to mean the traditional landing page to sales page. It CAN BE so much more than that and you probably don’t even know all the ‘FUNNELS’ you interact with EVERY DAY!

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