The Secret To Every Entrepreneur’s Success

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I suffered through more sales-pitch laden webinars than I can count and bought eCourses that taught me how to set up social media, link an email campaign, and build a website… but I was still left with a business model that didn’t give me the TIME FREEDOM I truly craved.

I had the content, I had the supposed “how-to’s” but my ideal clients didn’t seem to be finding me.

What gives? I wondered.

The biggest missing element entrepreneurs and business owners have when pursuing their goals is holding themselves accountable. … Guiding them to obtain clarity on their goals and priorities is step one, but without step two, building an accountability structure, they’ll find themselves right back where they started.

Today let’s talk about 3 Steps to Foster Positive Accountability in Your Business!

So here are three tips to help you build positive accountability in your business.

Tip one, make room for failure.

I am not a perfect person. I actually just launched a Pinterest bootcamp that I gave myself two and a half to three weeks to lunch. And I literally felt like I was completely failing it that first week I heard crickets. Nothing was working and I thought I was doing all the things but I made room for failure. I put myself out there with my accountability partners, and I told them what was happening. I was vulnerable and then in two weeks I hit my goal and actually exceeded it. I’m so excited to relaunch it again because there was so much goodness happening in there. The ah-ha moments and feedback was pure gold! I can not wait. So make room for failure.

Tip number two, set the SMART goals.

You guys, I get it. We all set goals but set SMART goals. I’m sure you’ve heard of this before. If not, though, smart stand for an acronym. It means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, relevant and time-bound. So if you are not setting very, very specific goals that actually can be attainable in a certain amount of time and know the steps that you need to take to be able to hit those goals. They’re not smart goals. If you’re not sure how to hit those SMART goals, then you need to find a team to empower you and keep you accountable in your business.

Which leads me to tip number three, empower your team.

If you’re in direct sales, you have up lines and down lines that can help you set that accountability. And it can be positive. It doesn’t have to be the negative finger shaking. You’re not doing this correctly. It can be positive. If you are a solo printer, a blogger, a business owner, it doesn’t matter you guys you can empower a team find one or two people that you relate with. Find those people that you talk to, that you cry with, that you laugh with, that you truly enjoy being around. They lift you up, they make you a better person and let them know that you need help with accountability.

If you don’t have that person or you don’t have that group of people that can help lift you up that can bring you to that next level that can instill joy and help your business thrive. Let me know I would love to help you guys. I have a group program that’s an inner circle. And that is exactly what we do. We help you make room for failure. We set those SMART goals. We empower you to reach those goals. We have one resource for tons of training, accountability, and access to experts, including group coaching, calls with myself.

So if you are looking for someone to help empower you and keep yourself accountable, reach out to me or type in the comments below inner circle and I will see if it is a good fit for you.



The Secret To Every Entrepreneur's Success I have been through more sales pitch laden webinars than I can count and I have so many e-courses that I have bought that have either taught me a ton of things that it was so overwhelming or just kind of sat there and collected dust on my shelf like a book. I have learned about email campaigns and how to build a website but I still was left with a business model and a strategy that did not give me the time freedom that I truly needed. I had the content, I had the suppose it how to use but all I was hearing was crickets and my clients did not seem to be finding me. #businesstips #business #marketing #socialmediamarketing #entrepreneur #successtips

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