Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

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What do you do when you start to feel resistance? 

Maybe you are struggling in getting that one thing on your calendar or following through on something you promise. Or maybe it’s the little things like picking up the house and you’re feeling that resistance. 

I’m telling you right now, that it could be a sign that you have an underlying belief that is actually triggering those reactions. Today, I want to talk about where those underlying beliefs come from, how those triggered reactions come up and how you could actually take the steps to go beyond that. 

There are a few simple ways to be able to change that resistance with a couple of words and doesn’t have to be the big things. One of the things that I realized I was doing was saying something is impossible. Instead of saying it’s impossible for me to hit that goal or  it’s impossible for me to want to fold the laundry, I change it and say how can. When I do that, the mind shift allows me to be able to find possible ways of doing something instead of blocking myself. 

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

What is a limiting belief that you have? 

Or what resistance are you currently feeling right now? 

I know it’s close to when kids are going back to school and people are starting to get more aware of the fact that they’re going to have more items on their plate. The main purpose of limiting beliefs and the main reason they come up is because of repeated situations. Meaning you’ve been in a similar situation before. Maybe it’s when you’re growing your business and you’ve tried to get past five figures a month. Maybe it’s just figuring out how to get out of the nine to five. 

The reason you have a limiting belief is because you’ve come to that roadblock before, and you haven’t been able to overcome it. So that repeated situation keeps coming up and you have anxiety or fear or frustration around that subject. So before you even hit that roadblock, before that even comes up for you again, you already have this preconceived notion that it’s going to happen again. 

Each of your limiting beliefs have good intentions. 

They’re there to protect you from pain. But sometimes they can be misguided. Sometimes they’re protecting you from a short term pain, where unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to push through and reach that long term benefit that you’re trying to reach. 

So maybe you are focusing on more sales and you want more prospects. You’re thinking, I know if I can get people on the phone, or if I can show them the products, that I can convert them into a sale. Because the belief that I have of these products is so great and it shines through me. But if you stop and think, if I can get more leads and prospects, you’ve already started that breaking point or that stopping block of the limiting belief. You are now telling yourself subconsciously, I can do this.  

You need to change that language in your mind and you need to determine what it is you want. And convince yourself that the value of what you’re going for, or what you would have to offer shouldn’t be a limiting belief. it shouldn’t be something that you’re concerned about. It shouldn’t be something that stops you. It should be something that empowers you and it should be something that makes you feel like you are on top of the world. 


Make sure that you do is actually prepare yourself for that change and that you’re ready for the change. 

When you prepare yourself for this change, you need to be open to the possibilities. Because a limiting belief can be extremely difficult to overcome. When it is supported by those vivid, emotional, intense responses, meaning you’ve gone through it before you’ve hit this block before and it frustrated you It caused you to literally stop in your tracks, and maybe even close your doors as a business owner, or selling that product, you were like this is too dang hard because I keep hitting wall after wall. I’m not selling because I’m not getting the prospects. So I’m done. The main you need to address that fear and be open to the possibility of having so many sales that you’re so busy. Now you’re going to have a different obstacle, right? 

The main reason that you’re afraid, is the fact that your brain is actually actually over exaggerating these things for you. 

So it’s scaring you.
So identify those things first, right?

  1. Identify the excuses.
  2. Identify the negativity in your brain.
  3. Identify what’s stopping you. 

So stop yourself these questions: 

  • Why can’t I overcome this?
  • Why can’t I have more prospects?
  • Why am I overthinking this situation? 
  • How did I come to this form of belief? 
  • How have I manifested this belief?

Make sure that you’re taking a moment to check those questions. So that you can give yourself that time to identify what’s actually stopping you in your business. Then I want you to make sure that you have somebody that can hold you accountable to these beliefs. That can help you push through these things, when they see them in your social media, when they see them in your life in the way of talking in just everything that you’re doing. Have someone that knows how to politely and respectfully tell you, hey, let’s change that. You can do this. I know you can. What’s stopping you from doing this? Why do you have this belief? This is a negative belief? Where’s this coming from? And how can we change that?

When you’re feeling fear or resistance about something, it could be a sign that you have an underlying belief that is triggering those reactions. There are a few simple ways to be able to change that resistance with a few words and watch how easy it is to do the impossible. Post a phrase you find yourself using that might catch you in resistance from moving forward. One for me is 'it's impossible' and when I change that to 'how can I' the mind shifts to finding all the possible ways instead of blocking me and showing me only closed doors.

You need someone to keep you accountable

Figure out those three pillars of growing a business: strategy, systems and results. Then once you’ve identified those beliefs, we need to put those beliefs into check. Is this belief something that’s causing more pain? Or is this belief something that’s actually bringing up good things and pleasure and time and energy that I need? 

Is this something that I should be visualizing how to do better? What limiting reference actually supports this belief. So make sure that you once you identify them, you put them into check, you make sure that you’re looking at them from a different light and transform them then right, the next thing is to transform them, you can’t just go through this process and hope that you’re going to change your mind.

Have you ever been there where you were like, I hope I make $10,000 this month. I hope I sign up to new people in my downline this month, I hope that I can get 10 more people on my email list this month. I am not above this, you guys mindset is something that I work on every single day. 

Just a few months ago, I was talking with my coach. And I was like, I hope I can have five new people in my Pinterest boot camp each month, when I launch it, not each month. But when I launch it, I want five new people when I launch it, right? And I’m going to start being launching it two times a year. So that’s 10 people. But I told her I hope that’s my wish. And she’s like, Okay, first of all, you can do way more than five people girlfriend. And second of all, you don’t hope you’re going to do it. And so how do you change that? Tell yourself that, yes, I’m going to bring in five new people. 

These are the steps that I’m going to take to be able to do that without a doubt it’s going to happen. If you tell yourself even right from the get go that this is my goal. I love setting goals, but you have to also make sure that those goals are starting that self doubt or disbelief. Make sure you believe those goals you breathe those goals, the language you tell yourself around those goals and the steps you’re taking around those goals, changes the language in your head. So that you know, bringing five people in to your boot camp is a done deal. Yes, make this mind shift. 

Keeping your limiting mindset in check for the future

From time to time, you could say I have already made my mind shift about money. And then three months from now, three days from now it comes creeping back in, it’s harder to change a disbelief than it is to start without one. 

So make sure that you just keep that in your mind at all times. If it’s something you need to put in your mirror. If it’s something that you need to put in your office, on the wall, wherever like on your computer, wherever you spend most of your time on your day, maybe it’s a backdrop on your phone, put different words that will help change that language. 

Some of the things that I want you to write down or ask yourself to be able to help clear those limiting beliefs are: 

  1. What goals would I like to achieve? 
  2. What goals would I like to achieve? 
  3. What is currently preventing me from reaching those goals?
  4. What kind of a person do I want to ideally become with these goals?
  5. What is it specifically that I want to change? 
  6. And what beliefs are preventing me from achieving my desired outcomes? 

Then we go back to the questions or the change of the language. Instead of saying, I have to do a live stream this week, I get to do a live stream this week. 

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