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How to Convert Pinterest Visitors to Subscribers

Social media is a key component driving traffic to your blog. Pinterest is especially popular today. With a user volume of more than 5 million, Pinterest visitors comprise a larger presence there than on YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn and Google Plus combined. Savvy users have harnessed the power of this traffic to funnel pinners to their [...]

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Using Pinterest For Keyword Research

While everyone knows that finding the perfect long tail keyword is key to gaining a high search rank, not everyone who uses SEO strategies knows just how to accomplish this in the most effective way. While you can use services such as Google's Keyword Planner, or even just by searching Google itself, there are actually quite [...]

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How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Local Business

Do you want to learn more about utilizing the leading social media outlet for marketing to advance your business?  Do you want to get pinners hooked so they'll visit your site?  Premier companies are already tapping into the benefits of Pinterest to expand their enterprises, with overwhelming success.  You can, too.  These strategies can help you whether you're [...]

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Getting Started With Pinterest

I love Pinterest for so many reasons and many people don’t realize that is a great social media tool for businesses. If used properly, Pinterest can drive traffic to your website and give your audience an insight into who you are that they may have never had before, organically without any PPC advertising. Plus, and [...]

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