What is Monthly Viewers on Pinterest?

What Is Monthly Viewers on Pinterest?
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Are you trying to build your business through Pinterest and find yourself obsessively focused on the number of followers or viewers going up or down? At first glance, you might think that the main feature that matters when marketing on Pinterest is the number of monthly viewers. Pinterest monthly viewers are necessary for building an audience, but there are additional Pinterest metrics that you need to be paying attention to like monthly engaged Pinterest viewers for starters.

Let’s take a look at what the meaning is behind these numbers and what analytics you need to focus on to get the results you want. Start driving qualified traffic to your website. Begin by learning how to read analytics and understanding what a Pinterest viewer really is and what Pinterest monthly users really want.

how to see monthly viewers on pinterest

What Is Pinterest Monthly Viewers?

The number of viewers listed in your metrics reflects the monthly unique viewers, showing the number of times a pin you shared appeared in a Pinterest feed. To be clear, monthly viewer count only tells you that your pins, or pins you have saved, showed up in someone’s feed.

While this number can feel flattering, it is really more of an indication of potential than achieved success. No doubt, it very well could be an indication that you’ve mastered the concept of keywords since the algorithm is picking up your pins and sending them to feeds of other Pinterest users.

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How many monthly viewers on Pinterest is good?

However, as large as the number of Pinterest viewers climbs, the actual number is meaningless unless these viewers are also generating traffic to your website.

After all, the point of any social media platform for business is to get more business. If people are scrolling by your pins and not clicking on or sharing them, then it’s time to change the way you use Pinterest.

What is Monthly Viewers on Pinterest?

How to get more monthly viewers on Pinterest?

Once you’ve got potential viewers, learn how to get the most out of these views. Turn random viewers into engaged viewers who click through to your website and translate them into customers. Analyze the actual traffic you are gaining to your website through Pinterest. A few great ways to get this started include:

  • Check Pinterest Analytics regularly to learn which pins attract the most traffic.
  • Research the keywords on your pins, and tweak areas that need to change.
  • Create new images for the blog articles you are linking to.
  • Share the pins that are working.

Can You See Who Views You On Pinterest?

Get the most out of your Pinterest page by understanding how to use the Analytics. To use Pinterest Analytics, you have to first have a business account. Once your account is approved for business, click your profile at the top of Pinterest Analytics.

The first and most important metric to look at is Pinterest page views. Compare 30, 60, and 90 days to see how many people clicked on your pins to arrive at your website. Are there peaks during certain times or low traffic times? Pageviews counts and graphs can also indicate if your content has been marked as spam.

How many pins generated clicks to your website?

Do you only see other people’s pins? If so, look into why those pins are doing well so you can apply it to your own pinning methods. Also, look to see how many pins were saved or shared. All of these factors help to evaluate your Return on Investment ROI. Look for click-through rate, save rate, and engagement rate. The Top Pin Impressions report gives you a good idea which pins your viewers want to see. Check this regularly to determine how to adjust your strategy.

Google Analytics is also a great way to get the most out of Pinterest. Google Analytics allows you to see how many page views you received from Pinterest and who clicked through. It will also show how many people came from Pinterest and started a session browsing your site. Another analytic is the percentage of Pinterest Traffic which is the amount of traffic broken down into percentages.

What Does Monthly Engaged Mean On Pinterest?

Your ultimate goal is to gain business. This cannot happen until you get viewers to engage in your pins. Start engaging viewers, and watch how your website traffic begins to climb. When you look at the analytics, compare the click-through rate with the Save rate. The image might capture someone’s attention, but they may not save it because the content may not correspond to their expectations.

In this case, you could try modifying the message on the pin to better match the content. On the other hand, when the Save rate is higher than the Clickthrough rate, people are less tempted to click on the content. Instead, they save it for future reference. However, this doesn’t mean they will ever click through to your website.

Some of the analytics to monitor include:

  • Impressions and Daily Views
  • Daily Saves
  • Average Daily Visitors
  • Average Monthly Viewers and Average Monthly Engaged

The number of impressions is how many times your pin was seen but not necessarily clicked on or repinned. Daily views show you who viewed your pin. Daily saves equal repins. Average Daily Visitors are the number of visits to your website that came from Pinterest. Average Monthly Viewers and Engaged are people who see your pins and act on them by repinning or clicking through.

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