How to double your email subscribers & sales with Pinterest

Grow your visibility. Escalate your Leads & Sales. Discover the biggest mistakes to avoid with Pinterest that is costing time and money!

In this class you will learn:

  • Uncovering my signature system for leveraging the most powerful and up to date strategies that will help you get free traffic from Pinterest.
  • Strategy + action steps that allows you to double your audience and explode your results.
  • Where to put keywords to rank on the first page of Google without adding a ton of hours to your already-full plate.
  • How to create 25+ click-worthy Pinterest images done in one hour that convert
  • Tips that will cut your time in half & repurpose content you already have on social media
  • Critical changes you need to make to your account in order to make sure you show up in the top results

Check out Tiffany's results from these actions taught firsthand...

If you're ready to understand how Pinterest can work for you (regardless if you are a blogger, e-commerce shop owner, content creator, virtual assistant or other service provider...) and how it is my top traffic provider - beating out all the social media channels combined!

Not convinced? What if I told you my signature strategy only takes one hour per week to implement and shows up in-front of people's face WAY longer the social! It is time for YOU to be seen, and to make the connections who are ready to purchase from you TODAY!

While everyone else is focusing on keeping up with 'posting + praying' on social media, it's time for you to branch out and use this free platform to drive big profits!

Learn how I cracked the code to not only grow my email list by 10-15 new leads daily, but also how I grew my business by $30,000 in less than 45 days with the power of Pinterest!

The BEST part is that it is all ATTRACTION marketing and I am being found BEFORE my competition. I am not seeking out anyone - they are coming to ME!!!

This Free Masterclass is Right for You IF...

◈ You started a website or blog but your traffic and income are not growing!

◈ You’ve had some success with Pinterest in the past, but you feel like the platform has changed too much, your account has stalled out and you don’t know what works on Pinterest right now.

◈ You have no idea how Pinterest can help you grow your blog or business, but you are open to hearing about the opportunities that can transpire from the platform.