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Pinterest Ad stories that scaled their business

See how different brands are using Pinterest ads to bring in new leads and sales monthly from 146% ROAS to $0.95 highly qualified leads!

Increased Sales 34% In 30 Days

There are many reasons to love lead generation campaigns. They provide quick insight into how much traffic (clicks) will cost on a new platform; they generate subscribers that you can follow up with, making it easy for your business's success... but this client was also focused on sales for long term growth and sustainability. So in 30 days we implemented a few things:

Traffic campaign to their most popular content so we could retarget their engaged users on Pinterest quickly, low cost and fast! We increased their outbound Pinterest clicks by 88% in 30 days.
A couple of conversion campaigns each with it's own unique targeting to warm and cold traffic. The first was to a lead generation funnel with our conversion was as such. We increased their signups 110% in 30 days!
Final campaign was set to a sales conversion focus with again a few unique targeting options we set ourselves up for with the other campaigns. In 30 days we brought in $7,366 in new revenue which was an average order value of  $109.94 with 67 new sales. That was an increase of 34% in sales for them and an increase of 21% in revenue!

"I've worked with Laura since early 2019, and I've had a fantastic experience. Laura is extremely knowledgeable about her field and committed to staying up to date on the latest platform changes and newest best practices to ensure her clients' perform well. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for an expert to manage their Pinterest"

Courtney Brein

Leads For Less Than $2

Pinterest gives you the ability to create Conversion Campaigns which require that periods of time are very hands off. This allows them figure out what content will best optimize distribution and get action at a price they're willing, while giving YOU control over YOUR budget!

With this client we had two campaigns set for lead conversions, blog content with signup forms incorporated and then a landing page optimized for lead capture. Each campaign converted email signups under ONE DOLLAR! The conversion rate was 29% on average for both campaigns, and sales were brought in through the clients lead funnel nurture sequence.

Here is another case study we did on a smaller budget and for traffic only: Pinterest advertising and Pinterest analytics.

Pinterest Ad Client Results:

Average Total ROAS 146%

Total Value Order $109 - CPA $35.71

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