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Just take a moment and think about how much could change for your and your business if you had a high performing, dedicated Pinterest manager working on your account so that you can focus on your passions and what you excel at?

Someone who can easily resonate and understand your vision and translate that into a marketing strategy on Pinterest that will align with your goals. Not only that but implement EVERYTHING for you while you focus on conquering what you do best!

How about getting amazing emails and communication showing you how your analytics & brand are skyrocketing on Pinterest, even though you haven't had to login or think about your account in MONTHS!

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  • Maybe you have tried to set up a optimized Pinterest profile but don't have time to keep up with all the changes...
  • Maybe you don't have a clear cut strategy behind why you are pinning and you aren't sure where to start when creating one...
  • Maybe you love the thought of Pinterest but just don't have time to invest in the analytics, designs and growth of the platform...

Don't worry I get it!

Think of me as your guardian angle that will hold your hand through the process to ensure you get the most from our time together! I can help with the strategy, optimization, design and growth of your Pinterest marketing.

If you are ready to step up your business on Pinterest, and you see the value in having a Pinterest expert manage your account so that your Pinterest account can switch to a high performing lead generation platform - then you are in the right place!

Click the button below to get in touch with me about your business, and if I think we're a great fit, we'll hop on a call and chat!

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What People Are Saying About Laura Rike...

I had a great experience with Pinterest coaching with Laura. She gave me the opportunity to provide all my specific questions in advance, then we did a phone session to clarify what was most important to me to get out of my coaching investment. After that, she created a very comprehensive video training that was based on the questions I'd provided, so it completely addressed all of my needs! After the session and the video, I felt so much more comfortable using Pinterest for my specific business goals. (Laura was also kind enough to answer an urgent late-night question I had just prior to my launch, which was unexpected but so very appreciated!). I wouldn't hesitate to engage Laura again in the future!

Jennifer Reitmeyer

I enrolled in the Rockstar Inner Circle and completely love how Laura Rike teaches. Actually, I am a college professor let me say Laura has what it takes to coach and train because she explains "techie concepts" into bite size pieces easy to follow and apply! Completely looking forward to learning how to market on Pinterest and utilize my Facebook Live videos on multiple platforms. You're totally awesome Laura!

Felicia Golden Grimes

I had the pleasure of working with Laura and her team on developing a social media strategy and I can't say enough about how awesome the experience was. Social media progress can be hard to measure but with Laura's precise attention to detail and willingness to communicate with me on a level that made perfect sense, my experience very pleasant. I have recommended Envizion Advertising to several other entrepreneurs.

Nakia Gray