Pinterest Management Services

My name is Laura and I'm a Pinterest Manager, social media strategist and the rockstar behind Laura Rike. I've been blogging for a number of years now and my whole business completely changed (for the better) when I discovered the untapped secret answer to exploding my business was Pinterest.

My mission is to help business owners and bloggers like you, use Pinterest and get found BEFORE your competition, with leads READY to pay you for your products or services.

I would highly recommend Laura to my friends and colleagues. I finally have a sense of relief that my Pinterest account is growing my email list (and sales) without having to touch it. Laura also designed amazing graphics that I am super proud to show off. She has helped restore belief & confidence in my online presence as a business owner.

Sarah Talbert

Just take a moment and think about how much could change for your and your business if you had a high performing, dedicated Pinterest manager working on your account so that you can focus on your passions and what you excel at?

Someone who can easily resonate and understand your vision and translate that into a marketing strategy on Pinterest that will align with your goals. Not only that but implement EVERYTHING for you while you focus on conquering what you do best!

How about getting amazing emails and communication showing you how your analytics & brand are skyrocketing on Pinterest, even though you haven't had to login or think about your account in MONTHS!

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  • Maybe you have tried to set up a optimized Pinterest profile but don't have time to keep up with all the changes...
  • Maybe you don't have a clear cut strategy behind why you are pinning and you aren't sure where to start when creating one...
  • Maybe you love the thought of Pinterest but just don't have time to invest in the analytics, designs and growth of the platform...

Don't worry I get it!

Think of me as your guardian angel that will hold your hand through the process to ensure you get the most from our time together! I can help with the strategy, optimization, design and growth of your Pinterest marketing.

If you are ready to step up your business on Pinterest, and you see the value in having a Pinterest expert manage your account so that your Pinterest account can switch to a high performing lead generation platform - then you are in the right place!

What People Are Saying About Laura Rike...

Laura has great communication and the openness to discuss the project at any time with me. She took my account from 102 monthly views to over 112k monthly views. Now that is a vanity number but she has also increased sales over 68% in 60 days and climbing. I am very satisfied with the work Laura continues to provide for me and my business.

Claudia Buchanan

Laura presents very informative and helpful Pinterest strategies. Easy to talk to, quick to answer questions, and made sure to help with any confusion.

Reena Maheshwari

How do I get started?

Make sure to click the ‘Lets Chat’ button to fill out the short form & pick a time on my calendar to discuss your goals and next steps. Can’t find a time that works? Email me directly:

How long does it take to see results?

Pinterest has the ability to offer quick results but some businesses or bloggers may experience a slower pace. Success with Pinterest is not a guaranteed overnight thing, otherwise everyone would be doing it right? The fact is though with the right marketing strategy on Pinterest, compelling designs, search engine optimization and some other items – you can see results fairly quickly. Depending on what you are looking at for analytics and the goals set in place for your account most see a quick boost because of the changes and optimization that happens up front while management can take up to a few months to see a significant increase in the quality engagement you are looking for.

What is the commitment for a Pinterest management contract?

Like discussed in the question above, Pinterest growth can take time. There typically work that needs to be done to optimize the account before anything else can take place. It will take time to build up your presence and gain the trust of those on the platform. For that reason, I require at least 3 months of management to show you a window into the full potential and power of the platform for your blog or business.