6 Places You NEED

to Use Keywords




Keyword targeting lets you reach people as they search for a specific idea on Pinterest.

As a visual search engine, it functions in a similar way to Google- relying on keywords to index, understand, and display content to its users that’s relevant to their searches.

Pinterest Profile

What are the main keywords you want your content to rank for? Once you’ve found them, go to your Profile and insert them into your username, Pinterest bio, and business name.

Pinterest Boards

Boards can show up too! Conduct an audit of your personal boards and make sure they contain relevant keywords in their descriptions, board sections, and titles.

Pin Descriptions

Your pin descriptions are arguably the most important place to include keywords! Use 2 to 3 keywords in your descriptions in a natural way.

Pin Titles

Just like your blog posts and YouTube videos, your titles should contain the main keyword for which you want your content to rank.

Your Image Name

Whenever you upload a new pin, be sure to edit the file so it contains a keyword. In other words, don’t leave it as “99091.JPG”! You’re leaving potential clicks on the table.

Meta Description of Your Blog Post

The Pinterest algorithm checks the meta-description of your blog posts whenever it pulls them from your website.

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