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But I have to tell you…

I’ve cracked the mom-preneur code!

What if you could REPURPOSE ON AUTOPILOT – removing one more thing from your busy entrepreneur brain & cutting your content creation time down to mere MINUTES a week?

Can you say that you currently have processes set up to automatically handle:

  • quickly finding content you already have that will be best for repurposing to your audience
  • full transcriptions so that you can have LOADS of text content to use again and again
  • add subtitles to ALL of your YouTube videos without any manual editing needed
  • publish to multiple posts to Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn without even logging out of Facebook
  • publish a blog post (even if you don't have a blog) & send an email to your list without typing a thing!

Normally I only share this top-secret system with my inner circle, but today I’d like to offer you a chance to grab this potent training for just 40% OFF!

Let’s be honest, you’ll save that in time saved and not paying a VA hundreds to repurpose your content within the first WEEK of using the “Repurpose on Autopilot” system!

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"I highly recommend working with Laura. She is very informative and responds quickly to answer any of my questions. I love how thorough all her videos are as well! Thank you, Laura!"

Heidi D

"I was pleasantly surprised by the in depth training and topics covered. A lot of things I totally never thought about! In my opinion Laura Rike offers valuable training for "non techie" person. I completely love how Laura Rike teaches, not to mention the amount of content offered to really get my business off the ground. Actually, I am a college professor let me say Laura has what it takes to coach and train because she explains everything into bite size pieces that are easy to follow & apply! You're totally awesome Laura!"

Felicia Golden Grimes

No, this isn’t some too-good-to-be-true gimmick – this system is what top business owners are using to create content FAST and ON REPEAT!

When you use these behind the scenes secrets to hack your content creation – you’ll see your marketing and productivity shoot through the roof, too.


Content repurposing is near and dear to my heart because it has given me and my clients back COUNTLESS hours focus on what truly matters to me (family, friends and fun) while still making money from my online business content! Let’s make that happen for you, too!

(40% OFF - discount available on this page only!)

"I already push my videos to YouTube... but I didn't know how to do subtitles.... and I DEFINITELY need it on autopilot! Holy crapola this is GOOD STUFF LAURA!"

Whitney N. 

Hey there! I'm Laura Rike, 

I'm a Visibility & Conversion Strategist. Before I had kids (I didn't know it but) I had all the time in the world! Then along came the family and BAM. I had such a hard time figuring out my "balance" between client work, growing my business, marketing myself, building relationships and let's face it... being authentic online! So I finally said one day ENOUGH and did some research on how I can be there for my family while still being able to be present where I needed to on a consistent basis.

Re-purposing content quickly became important to me because I was able to essentially give myself more hours in the day to focus on what truly matters to me (family, friends and fun) while still making money from my re-purposed videos! I would LOVE to make that happen for you too!

Get this course for 40% OFF and start putting your content marketing to work for you!


(40% OFF - discount available on this page only!)