The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Content

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Time, unlike other resources, is something we can’t buy more of. As a mom, entrepreneur, and many other things, this rings true. If you ever feel like there are so many things that you want to accomplish for your business but you’re almost always short on time, you’re not alone. This brings us to the first benefit of repurposing content – saving time. The process of creating valuable content is time-consuming. Repurposing content lets you cut down the content creation process.

Create less, promote more

Entrepreneur and content marketing expert, Salma Jafri, put it perfectly – create less, promote more. Repurposing your best content gives you more time to promote more. Having multiple content pieces on the same topic, helps you target your desired keyword. if you publish some of these content on other platforms, it is an opportunity to get quality links back to your site. It is also a way to position yourself as an authority in the subject and reinforce your message.  All of these benefits can give you a good SEO boost.


When it comes to promoting your content, part of your strategy should always be reaching new audiences. You have invested time and resources to create helpful content for your audience. There’s no reason why you should limit it to one customer segment. When you are repurposing content into different forms and publishing it on multiple platforms, you can reach your audience just as they want you to. You reach them in the platforms where they want to hang out and communicate with them in the format that they prefer.

How to find your best content

If you can recall your best piece of content off the top of your head, great. You can start by repurposing that. If you need more ideas, look into your evergreen content, your most popular posts, and content that needs updating.


Evergreen content is a blog, video, ebook, or any piece of content that is timeless and high quality. If you wrote a blog a while ago that is still helpful to your readers until now, that’s evergreen content. The best thing with repurposing evergreen content is that it will always resonate with your audience. You can promote it at any time. Plus, since its high quality, it is sure to bring in the traffic.


To find your most popular posts, go by the numbers. Check your site analytics to find your top content for the month or for the entire year. Prioritize content that was published before the time frame of your report and is still generating a lot of page views. You can also look into your social media reports to see which content your audience engaged with the most.

As you are finding your evergreen content and top posts, keep an eye out for content that needs an update. You may have more to say on a topic or there may be industry updates that you’d like to share. These are both good reasons to repurpose old content into a fresh, new one.

The Genius Blogger's Toolkit 2018

10 ways to repurpose your content

1. Presentations

Create easy to read presentations with posts that contain statistics, how-to’s, and case studies. These presentations can be shared on SlideShare, Youtube, and other platforms. Canva offers pre-made templates for presentations so creating visually pleasing ones won’t be as challenging as it used to be.

2. Infographics and Instructographics

Infographics are best for repurposing content with a lot of data into a more easy-to-consume format. For content that is focused on the how-to aspect, create an instructographic (infographic’s cousin). Infographics and instructographics are very shareable because they can offer quick presentations of information-heavy content.

3. Updated Posts

Some posts may be 100% accurate at the time of publishing. But things change in the form of industry updates and new innovations. Go back to your old content and update them.

4. Reshared Content

When you find evergreen content, re-share them on social media periodically. This is effective in exposing your content to your new followers. Re-sharing your content also enables you to reach your audience in different time zones and test different versions of headlines.


Repurpose content in 15 minutes:

5. Email Series

Transform in-depth articles into bite-sized email series. Use the data that you have on your subscribers to personalize your content. Or, you can use this as an opportunity to gain new subscribers.

6. E-Book

If you have written multiple pieces of content on a certain topic, collate all these posts into an in-depth ebook. Add value by including more additional information, updates, and photos.

7. Guest Posts

Use your existing content as a springboard for creating guest posts. Since you have already done the research, it will be easier to create new stories and articles based on your original post.

8. Podcasts, Vlogs, and Webinars

Some of your audience may prefer to consume content in other media. Creating podcasts, vlogs and webinars based on your old content is an opportunity to connect with others in a whole new way.

9. New Blogs and Articles

Conversely, you can also use the transcription from podcasts, vlogs and webinars to create written content.

10. Quora Answers

Post your blogs or excerpts of it as answers to questions on Quora. You can also republish your content on your Quora blog. Quora is a good platform for repurposing content because it is very interactive and you are reaching out to people who are already interested in the topic you are talking about.

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