The Power of Being Yourself

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I got a message the other day that basically said I love that you are messy…. hahaha wait. WHAT?

But think about it for a second. This person is following me, and has been for a while, is a potential client of mine and loves that I am messy! Instead of being mad or hurt – I am taking this as a complement and an invite to close the sale. Want to know why?

The power of being yourself. Your authenticity and being who you are, at your absolute core is what you need to focus on.

It helps to create that business type client or climate in your life that will open the doors for real true joy. So why am I talking about this today? I had someone messaged me, and say, Hey, Laura, I’ve been following you for a while. And I just wanted to say, I love how messy you are. I was like, Wait, hold on how messy I am. What do you mean how messy I am. Like, I try to be as perfect. In my delivery for people. I try to make sure that all my t’s are crossed, all my i’s are dotted. So why is this person coming to me and saying you’re messy in their message? Like, at first, that’s seriously frustrated me.

And I had to stop and think about it for a second. Like, yeah, I can be frustrated with this. But what if I look at this as me truly being myself, this person sees me for who I am, they see the fact that I am human. And they still follow me.

They still enjoy my brand. Right?

So in there, my ideal client. So that’s going to open opportunities for me, to work with them. And when I do start to work with them, not if when I am going to be overjoyed and have that sense of feeling like I am truly doing what I am meant to be doing with that person. Because they know who I am authentically, and they still are working with me. And there’s still magic that we can do together.


So today, I want to talk to you about being yourself. As hard as it might be. A lot of us focus on making sure every thing is perfect. Do me a favor and shouting out if you know that you are one of those types of people, it took you three years to find a VA, because you were so afraid of handing things off. It takes you more than three weeks, four weeks, maybe even longer to get set up a one landing page, because you have to make sure everything is in its perfect place. Maybe it’s you’ve rewritten that Facebook Live that you wanted to do, or that master class that you’re thinking about 20 different times, and you can’t figure out why you haven’t done it.

What gives right?

Show me, if you are a perfectionist, Shelby, oh, if you are someone that’s like, holy, you’re speaking to my soul right now because that’s who I am. It’s not that I need to be perfect. It’s that I want to make sure everything I’m doing is good enough for those who receive it.

But the fact is, is if we take time to truly be ourselves, as we’re making this, people will see that, and they’re going to resonate with that, right? There are so many reasons why we need to focus on being authentic and not perfect in our businesses, right? Just a couple of them to name a few that I personally have figured out over the years in being in business. And starting to really just open up with who I am. This is my family. This is where I work. This is how I work through things. And then when I do hit those road bumps, address them and say, oops, sorry, or not even sorry, maybe, oh my gosh, thanks for bringing that to my attention, right. So instead of getting mad at this person that came to me and gave me this, this message about how I messy, take that as your open door to start a conversation with that person, and really start to cultivate that relationship, so that you can turn them into that client. Because that right there is attraction marketing, that right there is someone coming to you and saying help me, I need you.

I resonate with you.

So everybody knows what you can and can’t do. Everyone’s going to know your strengths, your weaknesses, they’re going to know what makes you happy. What drives you crazy. But you are not expected to be perfect. And that’s one thing that I want you to repeat after me. by throwing it out there, shout it out, I do not have to be perfect, I am not expected to be perfect. We are only 100% ourselves. As a human being, humility in business is not the same and does not equal. The same as saying, we are not a good business owner.

If you are authentic and what you are doing, those people will see that and the that will show them that you are a good business owner that you truly can help them.

When you focus on authenticity, instead of focusing on perfection, you’ll learn more, you will learn more about yourself more in business, and more about your ideal client, you are able to better acknowledge the things that you don’t know. So that you can ask the tough questions, so that you can focus on how to grow, whether it’s personally how to grow and what you need to learn. Whether it’s how to grow as a business owner to be able to better support your ideal clients, IT DOESN’T MATTER.

But when you focus, I’m being authentic. You will have the pride to ask the questions. You will have the pride to work with people in the same industry as you.

Are you someone who focuses on give me a heck yes? Are you someone who focuses on business as a collaboration no matter what industry they’re in? Or are you someone who looks at business as competition? Let me know collaboration or competition either is totally fine. For me, being my authentic self, I focus on collaboration. I feel like in my business, there is not a ladder, of who knows more. There is a ladder of how much I can learn so that I can better serve my clients. Whether it’s my Rockstar coaching group, whether it’s my Pinterest course, it doesn’t matter, right? Because I’m genuinely telling them that if I don’t know it, I will help find someone or learn it myself, so that they know that I am genuinely there to serve them and help them. People respect you more when you show them your ability and your eagerness to learn from them, to collaborate with them. Now don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not saying that collaboration means selling your soul. I’m not saying that in collaboration, you need to do all the work for the other person. There are people out there that believe that collaboration means you write them a blog posts, you do them a video, you do all this stuff for them, so they can grow so that they can gain more.

But that’s not what collaboration is and you will experience true business collaboration. When you start to be able to know yourself better, and you start to be more authentic, in yourself and in your business, the third thing that’s going to happen, when you start focusing on being yourself is your goals are going to be exponentially more clear. Your goals in your personal life, your goals with your family, your goals with your business, maybe your goals with your finances, it doesn’t matter. But people who are truly living out their self, their live happy fulfillment, exciting, joyful lives without being frustrated of hiding behind the mask, or what to say next, to make it seem like you are the person that they really want or need. You will have 100% clear goals and ambitions because your motivations and your mindset isn’t going to overextend yourself, it isn’t going to be this rush of what to present to them to make them like you. It isn’t going to be this chaotic, fulfilling daily task list that is arbitrary or needless, you are going to have that laser focus on the important things that truly means something to you, your family, your ideal clients, and anybody else that you’re in contact with.

So when you focus on, truly being who you are at your core, you’re going to be able to use that to not only release the feeling and mindset of having to be perfect.

Release the thought that there’s not enough time in your day, to learn more and grow your knowledge. And your mindset write growth mindset. And release the fact that you’re not sure what goals to set, or what goals means something to you. But you’re also going to be able to find how to effortlessly build trust in those relationships, whether their personal or business, and create that type of business climate, or type of business authenticity in your life. That allows you to be truly happy. Once you get to that point, everything else just falls into place. The money starts coming in, the mindset starts to shift, the relationships start to build. It’s freeing, honestly, it’s absolutely free.

So I want to leave you with a question.

My question to you is, Are you truly living? Authentically? Are you truly focusing on what brings you joy? What you want to share with the world? How you share it, who you connect with? Or do you feel like you are constantly chasing your tail? connecting with people online? Trying to find the right client to work with if you could just get that one more client to make in this extra money?

If that is that person that I’m talking about is you and you are that someone, then I want you to truly think about what steps can you take this week today right now to start showing who you truly are. And if you feel like you already are being authentic online, but you are still struggling to attract the right type of relationships to attract the right type of clientele. You’re not sure how to find that next relationship to build upon to grow with to cultivate right.

Then I want you to either send me a message or shout out visibility, because I have a free roadmap that will give you step by step.

A direction for you to take where you can shine your authenticity and connect with more people in 15 minutes or less each day so that you can truly show people what is the like to be authentic versus trying to be perfect all the time.

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