Strategy Behind Tagging People on Facebook

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Facebook is one of the leading social media tools available to everyone. It is free and it allows you easy access to people all around the world. You can quickly create a large network of people that you do not even know. Facebook is relatively simple to use, but it is important to ensure you are using the application properly. Since it is used to communicate with the masses, it is key to creating a tagging people on facebook strategy that is respectful and works wonders.

How do I tag someone in a Facebook post?

You can access and use Facebook on a computer or through the mobile app on your tablet or phone. That makes it simple for you to upload and tag people in posts from anywhere.

When considering a post on Facebook, you should consider the intention of your post and that may help you decide whom you should tag in each post.

What is the difference between a tag and a mention?

When considering those whom you want to tag, you should understand the difference between a tag and a mention on Facebook. To give you a better understanding of the differences, I am going to break them down for you. This will help you have a better understanding on how to tag people on Facebook.

A mention on Facebook is when you create a post or comment on another post and you add someone’s name within the text in that post or comment. You see that the person’s name turns blue and is a link on that page. That person then receives a notification that he or she was mentioned in a post.

A tag on Facebook is created when you write a post and state that you were with someone. That person is added to the post. Facebook displays text that states, the person’s name and was with you and your name displays. You can also tag someone when you upload a picture and tag someone in the picture.

Tagging People on Facebook Strategy

In either case, the person receives notification that he or she was tagged in a post. Keep in mind that you mention someone to talk about that person. You tag someone when you want to  post that you were with that person. You can mention so many more than just individual people on Facebook. 

It is possible to mention businesses and pages and other Facebook groups in posts. The groups will not be notified that they were mentioned. The link to the group will show up in Facebook.

How can someone tag me on Facebook if we aren’t friends?

Using tags and mentions are a great way to get your products, business, or activity on the Facebook feed of all the people that follow and are connected in any way to those people. It is a great way to market yourself. The best part about it is that it is free. It only takes a little bit of time and strategic thinking about how to tag people on Facebook.

How do you prevent someone from tagging you on Facebook?

While tagging people you know is a great way to make your promotion personal, depending on what you are promoting, you could also be limiting yourself. When you tag specific people, only those people and other who see their page see your post.

If you do not tag your entire friend list, you are limiting yourself to just those you have tagged. If you are using strategy for those whom you tag, that is perfect. If you are just randomly tagging people without any thought, you may be missing an entire market.

How do tags work?

When considering tagging people and business in your posts, carefully. Consider when and why you are tagging someone. There is a fine line between growing your visibility and abusing your friendships by randomly tagging people just to promote yourself or your business. If you plan to tag someone or a group of people often, you should have a conversation with that group to make sure they are comfortable being tagged for that purpose.

Each of your posts should be thoughtfully considered. It is not enough to be careful in the words and images you use in the post, but you also must consider those you are tagging.

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