8 Tips For Consistency With Your Business Image

8 Tips For Consistency With Your Business Image - Envizion Advertising

Consistency has got to be one of my favorite subjects. I love it – and I love it because it’s easy AND it works. So…

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LinkedIn Pulse: A Comprehensive Blogging Platform

LinkedIn Pulse: A Comprehensive Blogging Platform - Envizion Advertising via Laura Rike

  Social Media marketing has brought in a revolutionary change to the way people delve into marketing. It has opened up a world of endless…

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The Best Time to Post on Instagram

Instagram is all about posting content at the right time

Instagram is one of the most popular mediums to connect with the people today. It has evolved as a successful way to connect with your…

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What You Shouldn’t Be Doing on Twitter — That You Are!

Twitter Mistakes you're unconsciously doing

Wait…you can make mistakes on Twitter? Sometime when I’m online, I notice little things that really bug me. Maybe its the fact that I work…

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Hashtag Marketing Strategy For Your Business

To put it simply, hashtags are a quick way to create a link. It’s not the same as copying and pasting a URL, but it can be just as useful! When you copy and paste a URL link, you are giving somebody a direct pathway to a very specific place. Once that somebody has gone there, they can easily do an internet search for other websites, blogs, vlogs, and just about anything that is related to whatever you are looking for. Hashtags make that process even easier!

Hashtags, let alone a hashtag marketing strategy is a fairly new concept that actually get quite a lot of flak, especially from the non-twitter community. Ok, so…

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