Want Pinterest Traffic? Here’s How.

Want Pinterest Traffic?

If you’ve been looking for ways to grow your business, you’ve no doubt experienced three types of traffic no matter which platform you are on:  those who come and stare at your offer but don’t dive in those who stick a toe in the offer pool but don’t go in any further  those who wade…

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How to grow your Pinterest followers strategically and quickly!

How To Get More Followers On Pinterest

How to grow your Pinterest followers strategically and quickly! Connect on Facebook Share

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Pinterest Rich Pins will negatively impact your traffic.

Too often people think that users will view all the information on Pinterest and never go to your website if Rich Pins are enabled. Our clients are getting amazing results WITH Rich Pins enabled.

What is a Rich Pin on Pinterest? Pinterest rich pins are when the metadata is right on the Pin itself, instead of a user having to go to the original site to see it.   When Rich Pins are enabled, the metadata is pulled directly from your website into the Pin. This is independent of the…

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How I Increased Website Traffic (For My Client) To Over 1M Page Views Using Pinterest

Pinterest is an incredibly popular tool that many marketers mistakenly overlook. Pinterest has 50 million dedicated users. Those users mostly focus on what ultimately are niche markets – special areas of interest in which they invest time. Even more importantly, those 50 million visitors invest money in those niche areas of interest. That makes it…

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You Can Do It! Yes, You Can Convert Pinterest Traffic To Sales

You’re a mom who has a ton of things on her plate. Who has time to worry about converting Pinterest traffic to sales? Well, you do if you want to grow your business. Regardless of those who don’t want to appreciate the brilliance that is Pinterest, the social media site is sweeping the sphere. This group of online…

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