How We Increased Traffic 28% On Pinterest This Month

How we increased traffic 28% on Pinterest this month

By the end of January, the client’s traffic from Pinterest increased 28% compared to the previous month. We are attributing this boost in traffic to the new tactics we implemented for her pin descriptions.

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How to Make Money On Pinterest

Business on Pinterest is exploding.

Because of the pandemic, pinners are doing a lot more shopping online now. In fact shoppers on Pinterest grew 50% in the first half of 2020 alone.

Here’s how you can get started making money on Pinterest.

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We Quadrupled Our Client’s Pinterest Views. Here’s How.

We Quadrupled Our Client's Views On Pinterest

We Quadrupled Our Client’s Views On Pinterest.

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PinUnion November 2020

As a rogue Pinterest Powerhouse, I absolutely love numbers, stats, and celebrating wins! So, I decided, I’m pulling the curtain back for you to show you the exact numbers we hit for our clients in November 2020.  In November 2020, we altered one of our client’s pin designs to include a Call To Action (CTA)…

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How To Use Pinterest Monetization to Generate Massive Revenue

Pinterest Marketing Strategy: How Brands Are Using Pinterest to Generate Massive Revenue

Have you considered your Pinterest marketing strategy?

Here’s why your business should be marketing on Pinterest.

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