Why Visual Content Is Important For Your Social Media Strategy

social media visual content

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Social Media Visual Content

If you own your own business, you have probably caught on to the fact that social media visual content is important. Visual content can help get your brand’s name out into the online world.

Most of today’s society are visual. Infographics and pictures have become a huge part of every business online presence. Therefore, it helps people retain the information you are giving them. It will catch their attention and reels them in with something interesting.visual-content-creation-infographics

People often ask why Pinterest has become so popular in recent years. Well, it is for this reason exactly. Other than finding your favorite recipe or looking at that cute chair you’d like to have in your home, Pinterest offers the audience a clear and eye-catching image. Therefore, many businesses have begun using Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites and to connect with people on a basic level.


Social Media Visual Content has become a huge part of our society. Many millennials are on every social media platform. No matter what it is, everything is either through photo or video. That is why many businesses are moving or wanting to enter into the social media world. One way to ease into the social media world is by using a specialty services to help cover all intricate aspects that come with social media visual content.

These include big brands such as Starbucks, IHOP, and AMC. These are the platforms they are on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Snap-Chat
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Because what happens when Starbucks posts a picture of a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte with extra whipped cream and cinnamon on their Instagram? I think you know….your mouth is already watering, right?


It is easy to say that brands need to connect with people on a quick and straight-forward level. The faster a viewer is able to identify which company the image or video is coming from the more likely they are to remember that company when that service or product is needed. The art of creating a visual connection to a company is called branding.

Branding comes in many different forms and is consistently changing as technology continues to evolve. The easiest way to think of branding is as a company’s visual or audio badge. An example of past branding techniques is the golden arches that every child in America is able to identify without hesitation. However, as effective as this approach was through commercials and billboards today we have to take a different approach.

One effective method to be explored is through the use of filters. Being able to utilize both Snap-Chat and Instagram by creating filters for seasonal or exclusive products can build attention for your company. For example, if your coffee shop is about to release a seasonal drink a filter that shows a timer counting down to the availability of this drink will create a buzz around the date of its release. Follow this with constant updates to your email list designed exactly like the filter and the date will become a special day for your customers.

When it comes down to it, visual content means a lot in the business world. Capture your audience with appealing visuals and reel them in with interesting content.

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Why Visual Content Is Important For Your Social Media Strategy


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  • You are soooooo right! If the visual is bad, who wants to bother reading further and/or buying the product. Thanks for the reminder.

  • You don’t need to convince me… I know graphics are important. I just wish I was better at them!

    • Laura Rike

      February 28, 2015

      Well we handle working on branded images for you so if you would ever like some help optimizing your design let us know!

  • I have noticed a trend on my sight as well. When I share a great photo with my content, it gets more shares on stumbleupon or other social media outlets. I need to continue to work on my images.

    • Laura Rike

      February 28, 2015

      If you would like to talk about how maybe we could help improve your images in anyway let us know! 😀

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