8 Mental Habits That Will Make You Miserable

Focus on your past successes and remind yourself of how capable you can be. 8 Mental Habits That Will Make You Miserable - Envizion Advertising

The world doesn’t make you miserable. You make yourself miserable. Your physique, bank account, and happiness (all mental habits that) are all the direct result of your daily habits. It’s not easy to be miserable unless you consistently do things to create misery. This may be a tough pill to swallow, but stay with me dear. Fortunately, you can identify and change the habits that are making you unhappy.   Join a FREE community where…

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How to be EVERYWHERE on Social Media While SAVING Time Online

How to be EVERYWHERE on Social Media While SAVING Time Online - Envizion Advertising

Social media has opened up a window of opportunity for you and your business. The ability to interact with clients, update information about your products and reach potential new customers put more power in your hand than ever before. However, while social media allows you to simply sign up for the services, typically for free, you need to understand specific tactics for increasing your exposure. Here are a few ways you can be everywhere on…

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LinkedIn Pulse: A Comprehensive Blogging Platform

LinkedIn Pulse: A Comprehensive Blogging Platform - Envizion Advertising via Laura Rike

LinkedIn is a platform that has been around for years and that is highly useful and often used in the professional world to help you showcase your professional side as well as make contact with other professionals. LinkedIn is a very useful platform but like any other form of social media, it has needed to evolve in order to stay up to date with current demands and market trends. LinkedIn Pulse is the solution to…

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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs As A Business Owner

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs - Envizion Advertising

Most of us have beliefs which limit us in some ways, impoverishing our lives and preventing us from achieving our true potential. What do you fear?What beliefs lead you to such fears? The beliefs you hold to be true make up the fabric of your experience. What most people don’t realize is that the vast majority of our beliefs about the world are not really true “out there.” They are only true because we’ve decided…

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Quick & Easy Way To Re-purpose Your Content

Let’s talk about quick & easy way to re-purpose your content and how easy that can be and beneficial for your online pages or accounts. It can be quite exciting when we are in the process of thinking of what to post and how we should create it to successfully engage with our followers but come the time when we post our content and it didn’t receive a high amount of likes, shares or comments compared to…

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