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How to Make a YouTube Video

Everyone is eager to learn how to make a YouTube video because viral videos can be a way to make money. You’ve likely heard that some YouTubers are now making millions of dollars with their viral-video endeavors. What fewer people are really talking about is how you can turn your passion into a viral video…

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5 Hacks to Rapidly Grow Your Facebook Page

In this post, I want to break down why that's not the case and give you my five hacks to increase your engagement and connections so that you can get and see the amount of organic traffic that you can gain from the platform without subjecting yourself to the pay to play myth that's out there.

Isn’t it something, when you hear people say, Facebook is now pay to play? I have heard that for a very long time and the most that I have ever paid on Facebook for my organic traffic is around $50 a month and it’s just to extend the reach of the post a little bit.…

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How To Use Keywords On Pinterest To Grow Your Blog

pinterest keyword tool

You may know Pinterest as a social media tool that is driven by posting content to boards and pinning it. I want to set things straight and tell you that Pinterest is NOT a social media platform. You may not realize that Pinterest is a powerful search based platform with an incredibly powerful keyword tool.…

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What You Need To Know About Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Business Account

Do you enjoy hearing the same stories repeatedly? We all have that one relative that likes to tell the same stories, no matter how many times you have heard them. We all hate sitting next to him at family dinners. The same thing happens on Pinterest. The lesson here is, you should not be re-sharing…

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What brands should be on Pinterest?

If you are a coach, a consultant, an entrepreneur, a blogger, I want to show you the different categories that are on Pinterest to help you guys understand where you would fit in, and how setting up Pinterest for business is essential to your business’s bottom line.

Best way to use Pinterest for business and reach the right organic audience with specific categories.   Hey, do you know what brands should be on Pinterest? Do you know how to figure out if your brand should be on Pinterest?   If you are a coach, a consultant, an entrepreneur, a blogger, I want…

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