LinkedIn Pulse: A Comprehensive Blogging Platform

LinkedIn Pulse: A Comprehensive Blogging Platform - Envizion Advertising via Laura Rike
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Social Media marketing has brought in a revolutionary change to the way people delve into marketing.

It has opened up a world of endless possibilities, extended reach and a far greater visibility than ever imagined or received before. A social media strategy is all about offering your audience what it needs, in a comprehensive, fun and attractive manner. Sounds easy? Not really! There are so many social media marketing platforms today that the very first step is choosing the right ones- the most difficult step too!

LinkedIn is a n established platform that has been around for years and with the new LinkedIn Pulse it has not only extended its use but also extended opportunities for users. Like every other platform, LinkedIn Pulse also has its unique features and usability that need to be understood before you can use it like a pro.

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So how do you publish your blog on LinkedIn Pulse?

  1. Select ‘Pulse’ from the ‘interests’ dropdown on the main navigation on LinkedIn that takes you to the Pulse homepage, where the option to ‘publish a post’ is available.
  2. You can use the ‘Writing Ideas’ option if you are unsure about what to write. This feature shows timely potential topics.
  3. You can upload images from your computer to add to the visual impact of your post. Pictures that are 700 X 400 pixels look best!
  4. Add a headline to the picture.
  5. There are several formatting options to choose from. You can insert headers, quotes, bold the text, adjust alignment, add bullet points etc. there are numerous options to choose from so spend some time discovering and exploring them.
  6. You can also insert links images and videos or other media assets.
  7. There are tagging options available to make it easier to search your post.
  8. You can publish immediately or save the post to be published later.

Blogging has become the most interactive way to communicate with a large audience. LinkedIn Pulse offers many great tools and options that make your blogs more enriched. It is important to understand the varying aspects of Pulse before you start using it to the fullest. Spend time and explore the options and then use them to your advantage. The title of your blog must be catchy and must lure people to continue reading your post. Spend time on your writing ideas before sharing them with the world!

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