Are you drowning in the sea of marketing ideas, unable to catch the wave of success?

How about catching the best wave with a surfboard made from the right Pinterest strategies, and ride all the way to SALES Beach?

Combining a pin with the right keywords, you can be found first for your services or products. Unlike your content having an expiration date on other social media sites, Pinterest will keep working for you LONG AFTER you click 'pin'... It can keep SHOWING UP in people's feeds for YEARS!

AND to put the cherry on top, you can take advantage of the awesomeness of Pinterest to double your traffic & sales in LESS THAN 1 hour a week!

🥳 Finally... A Solution!

"I completely love how Laura Rike teaches. Actually, I am a college professor let me say Laura has what it takes to coach and train because she explains "techie concepts" into bite size pieces easy to follow and apply! Completely looking forward to learning how to market on Pinterest and utilize my Facebook Live videos on multiple platforms. You're totally awesome Laura!" ~ Felicia Golden Grimes

*These are REAL results and are truly attainable for your brand but not guaranteed.

I know where you’ve been, my friend…

Scrolling through Pinterest drooling over dreamy, perfect kids’ crafts…
30-minute dinner ideas…
that immaculate home décor you’ll have when your kids move out…

Time to flip that “bad habit” and let your Pinterest addiction bring you *quality client and customer leads*.

So many business owners (like YOU) either ignore Pinterest entirely (because they don't truly understand how it can work for them) or treat it like a social media platform. Well, I've got a secret for you: 

You do not need to focus on conversation or networking to maintain success here. Pinterest acts as a search engine!

Think of Pinterest as not just a search engine, but one that helps your audience discover ideas, advice for something they want to try, solutions for a problem they have or even buy a product or service they desire!

You just need a sliver of the millions of people searching on Pinterest to discover YOUR content and promptly head over to your site. We can make that happen together - inside Pintastic Rockstars!

In less than 1 HOUR per week you will....

Reach a wider, yet targeted, audience to increase your chances of converting users into customers, leading to higher sales and profit.
Create simplified strategies into clear, actionable steps. Even if you're not tech-savvy, you'll find it easy to implement.
No longer have to worry spending hours sucked into the vortex of social media only to be drained and stressed - but not a penny richer.
Stay ahead of the curve without the stress while reinforcing your brand's authority and trustworthiness, helping you stand out amidst competition and attract more users.

Every day your success snowballing! 

Watch your audience expand, create more buying opportunities, and a greater impact on the world. With each new day, you'll reap the rewards of Pinterest and rake in the dough!

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Does your Social Media strategy feel like a broken compass leading you nowhere? It’s about building a marketing plan that lasts for the long-term.

*These are REAL results and are truly attainable for your brand but not guaranteed.

This Rockstar Program is a good fit for you if:

You are a blogger, service provider, e-commerce brand, digital product seller, etsy shop owner, podcaster, youtuber or any other brand that creates content online!

You might still be on the fence about Pinterest, but know that your social media marketing is currently bringing in little to no ROI and something in your marketing plan needs to change. 

You are ready to have more visibility, leads & sales in your business and you have the structure to handle the growth that may come to you in working with us.

This Rockstar Program is NOT a good fit for you if:

You are thinking about Pinterest, but you are not able to put into practice the framework if given to you step by step or have your team put in the work.

You just want to focus on immediate gratification rather than loving on the bigger picture or passive side of Pinterest that can be created with this strategy we deliver. You'd rather be the next overnight millionaire (that never happens). 

You are ready for more visibility, leads and sales but you are not sure your backend could sustain a jump in growth that might come to you from Pinterest.

 Hi, I'm Laura! What if I told you I paid for my wedding in cash using the power of Pinterest!

You see Pinterest is the BEST way to connect with people before your competition, establish yourself as an industry leader in your niche, and save oodles of time in your day while still reaching the masses so that you can sky rocket your leads and sales!

This Pintastic Rockstar program will reduce the anxiety about how to reach that perfect person, give you the clarity and confidence you need to make sure your words are the smack in the face type of keywords to be found first so that you can gain back more time in your day while flooding your bank account with moola!

Inside the Pintastic® Rockstars you'll get:

Setup: Understand the landscape of Pinterest marketing, its potential, and how it can revolutionize your business. 
System: Develop a comprehensive Pinterest marketing strategy tailored to your target audience and use SEO to your advantage.
Strategy: Get hands-on and implement your strategy, with detailed guidance on designing pins, scheduling content, and engaging with your Pinterest community.
Scale: Evaluate your progress, analyze your results, and learn how to adapt and evolve your strategy for long-term success.

Organic Course


Charged monthly - 6 payments

Access to the DIY Course
Strategy SOP with a step-by-step plan

Organic Course


One Time Pay In Full

Access to everything in complete Organic course
Kick-off Onboarding call

Best Value

Pintastic RESULTS


Charged monthly - min 4 months

EVERYTHING in the complete Organic course
PLUS access to the complete Ads course
LIVE In-Depth WEEKLY Coaching
Live Support & Implementation time
Canva Templates for static & video pins
Ongoing Accountability and Feedback

Results that speak for themselves:

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You will gain the clarity and confidence you need to create a successful buyers journey.... but ONLY if you have the right strategy and set it up all correctly!

The program isn't like any other program out there. 

If you’re ready to receive leads and client generation on tap, you are ready to get in on the action with Pintastic® Rockstars!

Finally achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of, with a long-lasting ROI you'll be in love with to boot! 

Will you unlock the potential of your website and all your awesomesauce content by unleashing a powerful lead generation machine that will attract, engage and convert more clients with ease?

GROW with Pinterest inside Pintastic® Rockstars:

Complete FULL Program (listed above):
Get access to my full program (proven four-step framework) walking you from start to finish of all the foundations needed for a stellar Pinterest profile and organic strategy. You don’t have to waste your time testing out new strategies to keep up with the Platform changes - because we only bring you the most updated action plans that have been PROVEN to work, month over month. No more overthinking and second guessing. You’re a confident pin Rockstar.
BONUS Personalized Audits:
Once a month we will go through and audit an account, provide specific keywords to use, feedback on things to tweak and how to make the most of your account & time.
BONUS Guest Speakers:
We will bring in guest speakers to train you in on other parts of your content & funnel strategies you can work on to have a fully fleshed out marketing plan for your business or blog.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know where you have been my friend and I bet you are thinking...

What if I don't know anything about Pinterest, will this help me?

Yes! I cover the basics of Pinterest for Business in the first and second modules. The focus is on creating an easy-to-implement strategy that produces amazing results for the time you spend implementing the strategies. 

I have an active Pinterest account, is this worth my investment?

Yes absolutely! Having an account that is active is only one piece of the puzzle. Pintastic also teaches you how to turn your Pinterest traffic into subscribers and hopefully moola. 

How long do I have access to the program?

How does lifetime sound? We offer access to this program for the life of it so you will always get the most updated information years from now! 

Pinterest is always changing. Does the course get updated?

I update it every four to six months, plus any minor changes get discussed within the group in between! Students get lifetime access to any updates.

Who’s is this program NOT for?

This program isn’t for you if you’re just blogging as a hobby and don’t need the serious growth in traffic. This is also not for you if you are looking for a quick way to get rich. This takes action and dedication.

Who is Pintastic® Rockstars for?

Any level of blogger who wants more traffic. Social media managers & virtual assistants looking to level up & diversify. Shop & business owners who aren't sure if Pinterest works for their niche, but looking to scale!

"I am not sure I have the time to join another course or program..."

If you're lacking time in your business for marketing, this is exactly why you should be using Pinterest. I spend less than 1 hour per week on my Pinterest account because it works for me in the background. With Pinterest and the right strategy I have perfected over the years, I don't have to trade time for money.

It doesn't have to take a lot of time for your business to start benefiting from Pinterest! By finding the right strategy and setting up the platform according to that, you can optimize your time investment so that it's as low as an hour every week.

My students are often pleasantly surprised at what they are able to accomplish by going through all of my materials in just a couple of hours - then they have all the foundations they need to be able to keep their ongoing Pinterest investment to under an hour per week.

"I am trying to figure out if I have the money in my budget right now"

The program is designed to bring more traffic & leads into your business so you can make more profit without trading your time for money or sleep for success.

If you tap into the immense potential of Pinterest, you can unlock a world of new leads and sales that can drastically improve your business. With this program, you don't have to sacrifice time, money or sleep to benefit from it– all you have to do is dedicate some time to understanding how the platform works and learning how to leverage it, then watch your profits grow without hazing hours!

It's time to truly maximize your success by rising above the competition and making Pinterest work for you. Start small with today, and let it work for you in the background on a regular basis!

Pintastic® Rockstars

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