How to Build Relationships in Facebook Groups

How to Build Relationships in Facebook Groups - Envizion Advertising

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Relationship building is the key to success in your business on social media.  The best place to start building relationships is in Facebook groups. Facebook groups have become one of the most suggested places for entrepreneurs to engage with potential clients, allies and business partners.  Since groups are usually dedicated to a specific subgroup or population it really is a place you can potentially use to build authority for yourself. Here’s how it works:  Say you’re a mechanic and are knowledgeable about Mustangs. If you happened to join a group for American cars,  you could share your expertise and knowledge in that group and create a name for yourself as the “Mustang” guy. Being the “Mustang” guy is a great thing. For two reasons… 1) when people have an issue with their Mustang…you will be their go to guy. 2) when other people have problems with their Mustang they will refer people to you. See how this can be a great thing? That’s the magic of Facebook groups in 5 seconds or less.

So how can you create a great first impression and build that trust? Well here’s the key, the most important part of posting in Facebook groups is being YOU.  It’s easy to join multiple groups and become overwhelmed so take the time and find groups where your target audience is hanging out. Nurture that group so you can really build great relationships. Groups can lead you to some great collaborations, guest posts (like this one right here) and even clients. But you have to go at it with a little finesse.

There are two things that are going to attract people to you in groups; personality and value. Your personality needs to help people understand who you are, your vibe and style without them being able to actually talk to you. So all this needs to happen in writing. Kinda hard, right? Well, it’s actually not. I’ll show you the steps to take to really shine so you can stop making excuses and start engaging TODAY!

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Let’s first take a look at the anatomy of a great, engaging Facebook group intro. This is the first post you make within the group. Make sure to check each group for their rules and guidelines on what’s allowed.  However, I’m pretty sure using this guide below will keep you on the up and up in most groups.

  1. Craft your message
    FUN INTRO SO THEY GET YOUR STYLE/VIBE – Who are you? What are you about (bonus points if it’s not business related)?
    RELATABLE HOBBIES OR INTERESTS – Interests that are related to the core purpose of this group.
    INTERESTING FACT + EXPERTISE – Something about you that is related to your expertise. But keep it fun and engaging. Save the sales pitches please.
    WHY THIS MATTERS – Share why it matters to you and also why it matters to them.
    CALL TO ACTION – Ask a questions. Encourage people to share something in the comments below your post. Get them involved.
  2. Have a great photo that shows your personality. Can be a professional photo or something that shows you in your element be it work or hobby etc. The point here is you want a photo that really connects you with the group.
  1. Show them love.  Take the time to replying and starting conversations with those who comment on your intro post.
    This may seem like common sense but acknowledging peoples comments is a great way to create conversations. Many of my relationships started by connecting with people who commented on my posts. I discourage you in going out and just adding friends willy nilly. But if you are feeling a connection go ahead and send them a request. Remember to message them on where you connected (ie. such and such’s group) as well as why you wanted to connect. This is so important. Especially if you are connecting with several people or have mom brain like me. You can always revisit the messages to remember where you connected with each person.
  2. Share your expertise
    This is the part that gets fuzzy. Sharing your expertise doesn’t have to link back to your website or page necessarily. It can just be sharing an article on the subject matter than you are an expert in. A photo of you in your element. For example: If you’re a fitness coach and every day you share recipes or health tips from experts you follow or a photo of you meal prepping.  What you post is literally your voice on social media. Use your brand voice to help people recognize and remember you as a leader and authority in the fitness/health field.
  3. Build relationships.
    Comment and like others posts. When people ask for help, if applicable, share a tip if you can help and/or if their request is related to your expertise. Unless they ask for what you offer I suggest letting them know they can inbox you or reach out for more help if needed. That way you can build the relationship outside of the Facebook comments.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. If you want to stand out in groups I highly suggest taking the time to craft a message that reflects who you really are.  People do business with people. Facebook groups is great place to connect with the people who can become your greatest allies. So now go forth and build great relationships.

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