Recapturing Sales: 5 Ways to Bring Your Inactive Customers Back to Life

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In the effort to acquire new customers, some business owners often forget to invest in customer loyalty and lose their focus on recapturing sales. This should not be the case. It is more expensive and more labor intensive to get new customers than to sell to your existing customers.

It is easier to sell to people who are already aware of your brand than to convince those who are just hearing about you for the first time. In fact, there is a 60-70% chance of closing a sale with an existing customer. In comparison, you only have a 5-20% chance of converting new leads.

So, when a customer stops engaging with your marketing campaigns, do you just leave them behind? I hope not. There are many tools and strategies that you can include in your marketing strategy to recapture unresponsive customers.

Send customer-specific messages

How often do you send a message to your customers? Sometimes, your customers do not engage with your brand because they have nothing to respond to. Your customers’ inactivity may be due to the lack of Call-to-Action.

Just because a customer has bought one of your products doesn’t mean that they should be excluded from your sales funnel. Once they make a purchase, make sure to send follow up messages and place them in your recapturing sales strategy funnel, based on the data that you have about them.

Automate your marketing outreach by sending targeted messages based on their demographics and preferences. For example, you can use geo-targeting to send them alerts when a store near them is having a sale. You can also use their purchase history to remind them why they like certain products or suggest new items so they can re-order.

Speaking of personalization, make sure to use their name when sending them messages. How personalized and relevant your messages are will make a positive impact on making sure your customers stay engaged with your brand.

If you want to take it one step further and create automations so you can be hands off check out this blog: How to create automations and sequences with Convertkit.

How to create automations and sequences with Convertkit for your email marketing funnels - Laura Rike

Start an email retargeting campaign

Email is one of the most effective ways to convert your leads into customers. When a customer gives you their email address by downloading your ebook, joining your webinar, or participating in any other lead generation efforts that you have invested in, it means that they are interested in your content.

But, what if they never open your emails? It happens! You are able to spark a customer’s interest but life gets in the way. Sometimes, the excitement wears off. Do you just shrug and leave those customers behind?


Who says email marketing has to be complicated? With so many parts and pieces, plans and strategies, it's hard to know where to start and what really matters most. That's why we wrote the book on it.


You don’t have to. You can reach out to these customers by creating a retargeting campaign just for them. Create a separate list of your inactive users. Then, upload this list to a retargeting platform. This way, the customers on this list will be able to see your ads on other websites and social media platforms that they visit even if they did not click on your email.

This recapturing sales strategy can help you increase ROI by renewing brand interest and continuing the conversation on a platform that they prefer.

Send a text 

In the US, smartphone users spend an average of 26 minutes a day on texting. Text messages are very accessible.People can look at and respond to it on their mobile device any time and anywhere. SMS also don’t end up in spam folders and have at least a 78% higher open rate than email. 

All these reasons are why sending text messages is a great way of recapturing your inactive customers. It can help you re-engage your customers when they are unresponsive to your emails and other app messages.  

Make purchasing easy for your customers by deep-linking

Every click matters. When creating recapturing sales marketing campaigns, always make it easy for your customers to buy. The easier it is for your customers to find the product they like, the more likely they are to buy from you instead of looking somewhere else.

When doing in-app marketing, make sure that you include deep linking. Deep links are links that go to a specific page inside your app based on which product a customer has expressed interest in instead of a generic homepage. This provides your customers a shortcut to the products that they like without having to spend a few extra clicks.

Send snail mail

Direct mail has a 600% higher response rate than all digital marketing channels combined. So, when your digital efforts aren’t producing the sales that they are supposed to generate, look into utilizing the good old fashioned mail.

Create a segmented list of your customers who have been unresponsive. Then, send them something in the mail. The more unique and creative your mail is, the more you are able to make your customers feel valued. This is an effective way to generate a fresh interest in your brand within your dormant customers.

Even if a customer has been unresponsive for a while, opening conversations with them is still worth the investment. Use these 5 tools to recapturing sales of the customers that have fallen through the cracks. They might just be ready to buy from you again.

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