Pinterest Management Services by Pinterest Manager Laura Rike

Imagine for a second that you could effortlessly generate visibility and traffic to your offer. How would that change your life?

Now imagine generating that same visibility and traffic, without having to deal with the stalls of: do I need this or should I buy this so that you can grow your brand. That is the POWER of PINTEREST.

My mission is to help provide complete Pinterest marketing services for eCommerce, bloggers, coaches, course creators, & services providers. LIKE YOU! So that you can become wildly profitable and create an extremely visible & authoritative presence that is powerful online!

6.8k link clicks this month on Pinterest -- all thanks to Laura and her team!

For those of you who are wondering, that translates to some SERIOUS website traffic...While google and youtube are a constant battle for us, Pinterest continues to keep our traffic where it needs to be every month.

The bonuses that come with Pinterest management are seemingly ENDLESS. I don't have time to create and post video pins, but Laura and her team already have them up and running for me! It's so wonderful to just GIVE a piece of your business over to someone and have it just *RUN* for you in the background...And best of all: they do it better than I ever could myself!

Jenni Waldrop


Not only can Pinterest give you an 'window' to see exactly what's trending for your target audience so you can use that information to position your own offers and product, but it also allows you to build referral traffic using visual search that link back to websites.

Pinterest is great for driving traffic, lead generation and sales. Pinterest has become a huge resource for sharing your products, increasing blog traffic, building your brand reputation and event promoting your services or affiliate marketing partnerships.


It can be intimidating to think about all the time to implement a full strategy on Pinterest, set up all the items needed to track results, or even learn the ins and outs of (yet) another platform.

One of the key things that our Pin management services can help with is monitor the results of your pins and posts. After working together for some time, we can also tell you which pins are doing well, what content of yours is doing well, compare analytics to previous seasons and more, to have a strong fluid strategy that consistently helps your brand grow.

My Pinterest Management Services Are A Good Fit For You If...

  • You create content on a regular basis and you know your audience is on Pinterest.
  • You know that coaching based learning is powerful but you want more time back in your day and you are ready to invest in someone to handle it for you.
  • You don't want to train a VA or team member, you just need someone that specializes in Pinterest to jump in and start helping you.
  • You are ready to have more visibility, leads & sales in your business and you have the structure to handle the growth that may come to you in working with us.
  • You are not looking for a pinterest virtual assistant! We're a full Pinterest management agency team with years of experience that warrants the title of a Pinterest specialist.

I would highly recommend Laura to my friends and colleagues. I finally have a sense of relief that my Pinterest account is growing my email list (and sales) without having to touch it. Laura also designed amazing graphics that I am super proud to show off. She has helped restore belief & confidence in my online presence as a business owner.

Sarah Talbert

Celebrating some wins for my clients:

  • Zero sales from Pinterest to 67% increase in revenue from Pinterest organically.
  • 1 million page views in a 30 day span.
  • Targeted email leads for less than $0.57 per email lead with promoted pin campaigns.
  • Stellar keyword targeted graphics designed weekly. See some examples here.
  • 141% increase in monthly leads and 28% increase in overall website traffic
  • 6.5m monthly viewers and 38% increase in engagement
  • Maybe you have tried to set up a optimized Pinterest profile but don't have time to keep up with all the changes...
  • Maybe you don't have a clear cut strategy behind why you are pinning and you aren't sure where to start when creating one...

Don't worry I get it!

Think of me as your guardian angel that will hold your hand through the process to ensure you get the most from our time together! I can help with the strategy, optimization, design and growth of your Pinterest business strategy.

Get You Personalized Pinterest Manager Services Quote:

    [op_question question="What%20does%20a%20Pinterest%20manager%20do%3F"]A%20Pinterest%20manager%20is%20someone%20you%20can%20rely%20on%20to%20create%20an%20up-to-date%20custom%20strategy%20for%20your%20brand.%20They%20will%20handle%20scheduling%20your%20website's%20pins%20to%20push%20out%20during%20optimal%20hours%2C%20monitoring%20your%20promoted%20pin%20campaigns%2C%20and%20evaluating%20your%20web%20traffic.%0A%0ASome%20tasks%20(but%20not%20limited%20to%20these%20only)%20a%20Pinterest%20manager%20can%20perform%20are%3A%20Account%20set%20up%2C%20Account%20optimization%2C%20Pinterest%20ads%2C%20Pin%20design%2C%20Monthly%20Tailwind%20scheduling%2C%20Keyword%20research%2C%20Analytics%20reports%20%26amp%3B%20tracking%20and%20more.[/op_question] [op_question question="How%20do%20I%20get%20started%20with%20you%20managing%20it%20for%20me%3F"]Make%20sure%20to%20click%20the%20'Lets%20Chat'%20button%20to%20fill%20out%20the%20short%20form%20%26amp%3B%20pick%20a%20time%20on%20our%20calendar%20to%20discuss%20your%20goals%20and%20next%20steps.%20Can'[/op_question] [op_question question="How%20long%20does%20it%20take%20to%20see%20results%20on%20Pinterest%3F"]Pinterest%20has%20the%20ability%20to%20offer%20quick%20results%20but%20some%20may%20experience%20a%20slower%20pace.%20Success%20with%20Pinterest%20is%20not%20a%20guaranteed%20overnight%20thing%2C%20otherwise%20everyone%20would%20be%20doing%20it%20right%3F%0A%0ADepending%20on%20what%20you%20are%20looking%20at%20for%20analytics%20and%20the%20goals%20set%20in%20place%20for%20your%20account%20most%20see%20a%20quick%20boost%20because%20of%20the%20changes%20and%20optimization%20that%20happens%20up%20front%20while%20management%20can%20take%20up%20to%20a%20few%20months%20to%20see%20a%20significant%20increase%20in%20the%20quality%20engagement%20you%20are%20looking%20for.%0A%0AThe%20fact%20is%20though%20with%20the%20right%20marketing%20strategy%20on%20Pinterest%2C%20compelling%20designs%2C%20search%20engine%20optimization%20and%20some%20other%20items%20-%20you%20can%20see%20results%20fairly%20quickly.[/op_question] [op_question question="What%20is%20the%20commitment%20for%20Pinterest%20management%20services%20contract%3F"]Like%20discussed%20in%20the%20question%20above%2C%20Pinterest%20growth%20can%20take%20time.%20There%20typically%20is%20work%20that%20needs%20to%20be%20done%20to%20optimize%20the%20account%20before%20anything%20else%20can%20take%20place.%20It%20will%20take%20time%20to%20build%20up%20your%20presence%20and%20gain%20the%20trust%20of%20those%20on%20the%20platform.%0A%0AFor%20that%20reason%2C%20I%20require%20at%20least%203%20months%20of%20Pinterest%20management%20to%20show%20you%20a%20window%20into%20the%20full%20potential%20and%20power%20of%20the%20platform%20for%20your%20blog%20or%20business.[/op_question] [op_question question="How%20do%20you%20choose%20what%20to%20pin%20%26%20the%20strategy%20to%20design%20for%20my%20brand%3F"]This%20is%20apart%20of%20our%20onboarding.%20Once%20we%20enter%20a%20contract%20together%2C%20you%20will%20receive%20a%20form%20that%20shows%20us%20your%20brand%20in%20great%20detail.%20We%20will%20also%20request%20access%20to%20your%20Google%20Analytics.%20These%20pieces%20are%20crucial%20for%20us%20to%20be%20able%20to%20see%20what%20has%20possibly%20worked%20in%20the%20past%20and%20how%20to%20craft%20a%20bullet-proof%20strategy%20for%20the%20future.%20We%20will%20also%20inquire%20about%20your%20Good%2C%20Better%20%26amp%3B%20Best%20goals%20so%20that%20we%20can%20constantly%20celebrate%20wins%20with%20you%20along%20our%20journey%20of%20working%20together![/op_question]

What People Are Saying About
Laura & Simply Pintastic®...

Laura has great communication and the openness to discuss the project at any time with me. She took my account from 102 monthly views to over 112k monthly views. Now that is a vanity number but she has also increased sales over 68% in 60 days and climbing. I am very satisfied with the work Laura continues to provide for me and my business.

Claudia Buchanan

Laura presents very informative and helpful Pinterest strategies. Easy to talk to, quick to answer questions, and made sure to help with any confusion.

Reena Maheshwari