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Are you missing out on a source of loyal customers or signing new clients?

Trying to grow your online presence without utilizing Pinterest to its fullest ability is like setting sail on a vast ocean with no compass. You're missing out on the compounding targeted traffic and engaged customers and entering a new contract with your perfect fit client. It's time to navigate Pinterest systematically and strategically so you can watch your business sail to new horizons.

I know where you have been my friend...

On a crisp spring morning of April 2019, while sipping my morning coffee, I stumbled upon a revelation that would forever change my business trajectory.

I had been looking for a way to scale. A way to bring my business to new heights not yet seen. I had been doing *all the things* and nothing was *the thing* that truly helped with my marketing efforts. 

I took a leap of faith by trying out Pinterest ads, to help grow my email list with quality leads who would learn to love me and purchase from me because I had been challenged by my coach to pay for my wedding in cash! 

Little did I know that by July 19th, 2019, I would witness a staggering 300% surge in website traffic and an influx of new customers, all thanks to the secrets unlocked with Pinterest ads... AND I DID PAY FOR MY WEDDING IN CASH!!

"I signed my first 1:1 client who specifically came through Pinterest, so that was pretty exciting!"


So... how will Pinterest Ads impact you?

Before you start coaching with me:

You feel overwhelmed by the complexities of running effective Pinterest ad campaigns. The intricacies of audience targeting, budgeting, and ad design leave you unsure where to start or how to optimize your efforts.
You are frustrated and discouraged with the lack of tangible results from your previous Pinterest ad attempts. You might have invested time and money without seeing the desired increase in website traffic or conversions.
Without proper guidance, you feel uncertain about your ad strategies, wondering if you are making the right decisions and effectively reaching your target audience.
You feel stuck in your marketing efforts, unable to break through plateaus and experience significant growth. You need a fresh perspective and innovative approaches to reinvigorate your Pinterest advertising.

Once you've been coaching with me:

Armed with newfound knowledge and strategies from the coaching program, you feel empowered to take charge of your Pinterest ads. You now possess the skills to create and manage campaigns that deliver measurable results.
The coaching program boosts your confidence in your ability to execute successful Pinterest ad campaigns. You know how to optimize ads, reach your ideal audience, and track performance, leading to increased confidence in your marketing decisions.
With the guidance of coaching, you feel excited about the growth potential of your business. You are eager to implement the proven strategies learned during the program and witness the positive impact on your website traffic and conversions.
You no longer feel stuck in a rut. Instead, you are prepared to scale your advertising efforts and expand your reach. The coaching program equips you with the tools and insights needed to drive continuous growth and exceed your marketing goals.

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Results-driven coaching that maximizes your Pinterest conversions

My proven 4 easy-to-use step framework:

This coaching program is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners who are seeking to unlock the full potential of Pinterest to drive targeted traffic, increase brand visibility, and achieve significant business growth with Pinterest Advertising.


Discover the potential of Pinterest Ads and understand how it can elevate your business.

Understanding audiences, targeting and claiming your website
How to track your conversions, install your pixel and event codes
How Pinterest ads are different and why it is essential for business


Learn the intricacies of Pinterest Advertising, from setting up your account to understanding analytics.

How to set up multiple custom audiences and why
How to focus targeting with interests and keywords
Types of creatives you can use with Pinterest and which is best


Formulate a strategic plan to implement Pinterest ads into your marketing mix.

How to make your ads stick out and convert
The things you need to have for a high converting funnel
A/B Testing on Pinterest: How to optimize your ads


Learn to troubleshoot problems and adapt your strategy based on campaign results to elevate your progress and success.

Set Up Custom Dashboard for reporting to track campaigns
Troubleshooting and Optimizing Pinterest Ads
Workshop: Plan, execute, analyze, and optimize an ad campaign

Empowered and assured in your Pinterest ad knowledge, making data-driven decisions with ease.

Seamlessly streamline your Pinterest ads, saving time and maximizing campaign efficiency.

Craft strategic ad campaigns, attracting the right audience and increasing website visitors.

Witness exponential expansion, achieving remarkable success and amplified profits.

Bonuses you'll get if you join today:

Bonus #1

Case Studies of Successful Pinterest Ads Campaigns

Real-world applications and successes for inspiration and models to follow.

Bonus #2

Templates and Worksheets

These resources streamline the ad creation process, while aiding in time commitment and your ease of implementation.

Bonus #3

Group Coaching Program Access

An exclusive community of like-minded learners to gain insights from each other, network, and receive support.

"We've been working with Laura for the last few weeks and it's been great so far! She's super responsive, organized, and effective at what she teaches! We're excited to watch this soar moving forward!"

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