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Pinterest Clicks To Cash

You have an offer that you know makes on impact and people absolutely love. Now, you're looking for a more efficient way to be discovered before your competition.

It's not always easy to get your offer in front of the right people at the right time. You could spend hours upon hours creating content, posting and praying on social media, networking with other entrepreneurs - and still see little return on investment.

This clicks to cash framework is the answer for you to make it less overwhelming when figuring out how to bring in more email subscribers and sales. I've used this exact system to attract over ONE MILLION visitors to a client's website, and I can help you do the same.

You have an opportunity to share your passion and clever ideas with the world. Go for it!

You've thought about growing an email list. Except you have an opt-in idea but you still don't have the design or tech skill know-how to launch it, with no time to learn.

You have thought about writing another social post. Yet you just posted (literally ten minutes ago) a killer engaging post to every social media profile you own - only to hear crickets.

You've thought about paying for advertising. But you're not ecstatic about spending thousands of dollars, hoping they purchase after seeing you once, for the first time. 

Full Stop...

What if you stopped creating new social posts, and sending the sleezy cold messages — while still attracting quality traffic, ready to pay you right this second? How would you feel if you could double the amount of traffic to your website, while working less and earning more?

Sound too awesomesauce to be real life? 

Just hang with me for a second because I want to show you exactly how...

Pintastic Bootcamp

Are you frustrated trying to keep up with algorithm changes, declining monthly views, not knowing how to create designs that not only attract but also convert, or just knowing where to even start as a Pinterest creator? This workshop will show you how to be successful in an easy way that just plain works!

Laura Rike Pinterest Marketing Bootcamp
Pinterest for Business Workshop Laura Rike

'Pin Hacking'

This signature system is put in place to help you find what your target audience is searching for right now, look at others showing up and find how to fill the 'holes' for your customer so they don't fall through the cracks.

Training Bonus Library

It can be so easy to use Pinterest the right way if you follow a proven step by step guide. I am not going to lie to you, there is definitely a learning curve especially if you don't have an eye for great design. BUT when you are ready to take that next step in your Pinterest journey, I have a bonus library ready to be your golden key to your success.

Promoted Pins Management Services

How do you get started?


Who is this for?

The workshop is for bloggers, small business owners, or content creators looking to attract new customers. This interactive training is an excellent opportunity to increase brand awareness by using the latest Pinterest marketing techniques!


Where is it held?

The moment you sign up for this online workshop, we’ll send a confirmation email with instructions on how to access the videos. In them are bonuses that will help get your business going!


What do I bring?

You are about to embark on a journey that will change your life. You should bring pen and paper, to be able to keep track of all the amazing ideas we will cover for your brand. Also have the login ready for your account if you already have one set up!

 Avoid the frustration of common mistakes & learn how to easily get more eyeballs on your website. Remember friends... no traffic = no sales!

Stop running around in circles..... 

I know you’re dedicated to your biz. I’m dedicated to you. 

There’s nothing that lights me up more than helping entrepreneurs make BIG money moves (like the kind that allowed me to pay off my wedding in cash. Yep, I did that. #proudbizowner). 

Whether you want to focus on your website traffic, products or services and get them to be HIGHLY visible, easily SCALEABLE, and converts like WHOA, this could be your ticket!

Pintastic Bootcamp Training ($257 Value)
'Pin Hacking' Training ($197 Value)
Q&A Session Recordings ($197 Value)
BONUS 1: Business Building Foundations ($59 Value)
BONUS 2: Messaging & Commenting ($29 Value)
BONUS 3: Maximize Traffic With Organization  ($99 Value)

Your Price Today: $59

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