Pinterest Advertising

What is the biggest difference between a Pinterest ads campaign that gets rockstar results and one with minimal to no impact?

A strategic system, implemented and optimized to get the BEST results for your brand possible!

A system that doesn't require you to deal with the changes, the lack of support, the confusion… A system WITH A TEAM that knows Pinterest strategy inside and out and the types of campaigns, content, creatives, and landing pages that work.

You don't need random pretty pins thrown into a campaign - hoping your money spent leads to traffic & if you pray hard enough - sales! You need an intentional Pinterest advertising strategy - that I can provide!

The combination of my strategic ad system with both search keywords and interest targeting allows me to align our targeting with ‘discovery’ AND ‘intent’  since your audience is problem-aware. We’re also able to use custom audiences and re-marketing to engage with customers at the bottom of your funnels. So I can not only help fill the top of your funnel, but also encourage them along the WHOLE buying cycle to purchase/enquire.

Michelle Lewis

Wins we're celebrating with our clients:

  • Targeted email leads for less than $0.57 per email lead with promoted pin campaigns.
  • CPC of $0.18 on Pinterest where the same ad set on Facebook was reaching $1.18 CPC
  • Cost per purchase of $2k digital product below $8.02 with 12 purchases in 7 days!
  • 162 new email leads (in 7 days) for only $238.62 which breaks down to $1.47 per lead

My Pinterest Management Services Are A Good Fit For You If:

  • You have (or currently) run Facebook ads, or Google ads and are ready to reallocate funds and diversify to a stronger strategy.
  • You don't want to train a VA or team member, you just need someone that specializes in Pinterest to jump in and start helping you.
  • You are ready to have more visibility, leads & sales in your business and you have the structure to handle the growth that may come to you in working with us.
  • You are not looking for a virtual assistant! I'm a Pinterest Advertising strategist with years of experience that warrants the title of a Pinterest Powerhouse!

We've been working with Laura and she's super responsive, organized, and effective at what she does. Laura and her team have been great to work with on Pinterest. High quality and good value.

John Parkes, VP of Marketing at ClickFunnels


Not only can Pinterest give you an 'window' to see exactly what's trending for your target audience so you can use that information to position your own offers and product, but it also allows you to build referral traffic using visual search that link back to websites.

Pinterest is great for driving traffic, lead generation and sales. Pinterest has become a huge resource for sharing your products, increasing blog traffic, building your brand reputation and event promoting your services or affiliate marketing partnerships.


It can be intimidating to think about all the time to implement a full strategy on Pinterest, set up all the items needed to track results, or even learn the ins and outs of (yet) another platform.

One of the key things that our promoted pin management services can help with is monitor the results of your pins and posts. After working together for some time, we can also tell you which pins are doing well, what content of yours is doing well, compare analytics to previous seasons and more, to have a strong fluid strategy that consistently helps your brand grow.

I would highly recommend Laura to my friends and colleagues. I finally have a sense of relief that my Pinterest account is growing my email list (and sales) without having to touch it. Laura also designed amazing graphics that I am super proud to show off. She has helped restore belief & confidence in my online presence as a business owner.

Sarah Talbert

Laura offered an in-depth look at where I could make significant improvements very quickly! After implementing them, my focus on what I was doing and why - improved immensely. I no longer felt like it was all a shot in the dark. I whole-heartily recommend her and her team as a great way to make a significant leap forward quickly in your Pinterest marketing.

Ron Carlson

Laura Rike

👋  Hiya! I am Laura Rike, a Pinterest Ad Strategist who helps high-performing business owners implement content growth plans, outsource their visibility, and steadily grow their monthly revenue through her signature growth-to-greatness framework with done-for-you services and course packages.

I have helped clients and students bring in over 50k+ in monthly revenue. My clients have become industry leaders with 6-figure businesses and are growing sustainably by ranking on the first page of Google and getting targeted email leads daily.

I have had the pleasure of being featured on Social Media Examiner, Tailwind, MeetEdgar, Agorapulse and Ecamm Network and many more!

Get Your Personalized Pinterest Ads Management Quote:

What does a Pinterest ads manager do?

A Pinterest manager is someone you can rely on to create an up-to-date custom strategy for your brand. They will handle scheduling your website’s pins to push out during optimal hours, monitoring your promoted pin campaigns, and evaluating your web traffic.

Some tasks (but not limited to these only) a Pinterest manager can perform are: Account set up, Account optimization, Pinterest ads, Pin design, Monthly Tailwind scheduling, Keyword research, Analytics reports & tracking and more.

Do promoted pins work?

ABSOLUTELY! Pinterest advertising works by allowing you to select a Pin, choose a target audience and a budget, and then advertise that Pin by paying for additional Pinterest users to see it. Promoted Pins run on an auction system, called a pay-per-click platform. The ads that I have run (apples to apples) on Pinterest compared to Facebook are considerably less to reach your target market and get results on Pinterest.

How much do Promoted pins cost?

In general, small to midsized businesses can expect to pay around 10 cents to $1.50 per click for Pinterest advertising. The minimum bid for CPC campaigns is 10 cents. That is for traffic campaigns and once you move to a conversion campaign you can get leads and sales optimized to fit your requirements. I advise my clients when they start to have no less than $25-50 a day budget. With that being said require a minimum ad spend of $1000 per month to work with us, so we can find the ‘sweet spot’ targeting for them and then optimize from there! 

How do I get started with Pinterest ads management?

Make sure to click the ‘Lets Chat’ button to fill out the short form & pick a time on our calendar to discuss your goals and next steps. Can’t find a time that works? Email us directly:

How long does it take to see results on Pinterest?

Pinterest has the ability to offer quick results but some may experience a slower pace. Success with Pinterest is not a guaranteed overnight thing, otherwise everyone would be doing it right?

Depending on what you are looking at for analytics and the goals set in place for your account most see a quick boost because of the changes and optimization that happens up front while management can take up to a few months to see a significant increase in the quality engagement you are looking for.

The fact is though with the right marketing strategy on Pinterest, compelling designs, search engine optimization and some other items – you can see results fairly quickly.

What is the commitment for Pinterest ads management services contract?

Like discussed in the question above, Pinterest growth can take time. There typically is work that needs to be done to optimize the account before anything else can take place. It will take time to build up your presence and gain the trust of those on the platform.

For that reason, I require at least 3 months of Pinterest management to show you a window into the full potential and power of the platform for your blog or business.

How do you choose what to pin & the strategy for my brand?

This is apart of our onboarding. Once we enter a contract together, you will receive a form that shows us your brand in great detail. We will also request access to your Google Analytics. These pieces are crucial for us to be able to see what has possibly worked in the past and how to craft a bullet-proof strategy for the future. We will also inquire about your Good, Better & Best goals so that we can constantly celebrate wins with you along our journey of working together!