Overcoming Limiting Beliefs As A Business Owner

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Most of us have beliefs which limit us in some ways, impoverishing our lives and preventing us from achieving our true potential.

What do you fear?
What beliefs lead you to such fears?

The beliefs you hold to be true make up the fabric of your experience. What most people don’t realize is that the vast majority of our beliefs about the world are not really true “out there.” They are only true because we’ve decided they are, albeit we likely haven’t done so consciously.

Beliefs are formed through repeated thoughts, and the only reason they hold any weight is because you’ve decided or agreed that they are true. 

Some common limiting beliefs are…

  • The feeling of not being enough
  • The feeling of not having enough
  • Having to work hard for money
  • Not deserving success
  • [insert yours here]

We are going to talk about how 4 women have surpassed their own limiting beliefs to accomplish more then they EVER thought was virtually possible. The BEST part is we are going to talk about how it can be possible for YOU!!

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to go forward with a group and try something but the “better half” of your brain held you back? Maybe you had a fear of the ramifications, or you were worried about what people would think, or maybe you thought it simply wasn’t something you could accomplish successfully. Within those mental restraints are limiting beliefs, concepts or assumptions our brains make that stop us from behaving or moving in a specific direction.

What Exactly are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are a category of a number of different things. The common factor they all have is that they are in our minds. They are mental thoughts, fears, assumptions, beliefs and cultural rules we collect and live by, some explicit and some implicit, shaping how we behave every day. Many times these same belief hold us back, acting as a restraint against us achieving our full potential. In business, limiting beliefs can literally block us from seeing opportunities for business growth or running our operations smarter, more efficiently and with greater output. Sometimes these are good things. Yet many times there is no harm or negative effect to not following our belief except to our own psyche.

For example, it might be far more profitable to run a business as a criminal enterprise nobody knows about in truth. It’s far more profitable immediately, but our beliefs and cultural rules say that’s doing something wrong against our community. So, we don’t do it. On the other hand, a limiting belief might be our business should never borrow because it’s not culturally acceptable. Yet financing could allow greater growth which then allows for greater revenue and profit. It’s not a negative result, but our beliefs hold us back culturally.

You are in Control of Your Limiting Beliefs

Believe it or not, you’re the boss for your limiting beliefs, not the other way around. However, because our beliefs start at early childhood, it can be very hard for people to discern between experience (don’t touch something because I was burned before) from assumption (I shouldn’t go down that alley because someone was hurt there). We project our beliefs into pseudo-experience or we take on the experience of others to reinforce our beliefs.

Over time these assumptions become rules that we find very hard to go against mentally. In many ways limiting beliefs are like gold. Nobody would throw it away if given a piece, but gold is only worth what people say it is. Gold has no intrinsic value. It doesn’t produce something or have functional value like food, fuel, land or product. So, if tomorrow gold is worth nothing, people would drop it. Our beliefs often work the same way, except we need to take the step to drop them.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs Stopping a Business

One of the best ways to begin challenging beliefs is to question things. We can’t move forward in this business direction. Why? Well, because I always believed it was bad thing to do in a business. And why else? Uh… just because. If that’s the justification, it’s time to drop that belief. Any worth business belief or assumption should be backed up with facts, metrics and justification. Mind you, we’re not saying throw out common sense. Your experience at something going wrong is just as valid as quantified data. You’ve seen it go wrong, literally. But ask yourself if the situation is very much the same, or if you a projecting a bad experience into a belief, something humans do a lot of with the mental act of categorization.

How to Change a Negative Belief to Positive Action

Stop and think about your business and write down three beliefs in your head right now.

Do these beliefs help add to your business or hold it back from activity that could be profitable? If you find they help, there’s a good reason to keep them. If the ideas hold you back, move to the next step.

Do the restrictions help you otherwise? For example, always having a receipt record for an expense is a good idea for taxes even if it seems like more record-keeping work. That makes sense. However, only running a business on a cash-basis may not be a good idea as your forgoing more revenue with credit transactions. You’re leaving money on the table not taking credit payments or growing with financing.

Now, if your idea seems to be costing you opportunity or money, is the cost small or big? In other words, is the belief hurting your business significantly? Lost business that can be quantified is clearly a serious, negative impact that should be avoided or stopped.

Finally, is there a way to modify the belief to reverse the negative condition? If so, would that provide a middle ground you can live with? Maybe you don’t want to deal with a credit processor physically and all the equipment, but you would be fine with an Internet payment processor like Square or PayPal. That allows you to take credit payments without being locked into a technical agreement with bank or physical card processor. Now you get the advantage of credit payment revenue while still keeping your belief.

If the belief can’t be justified, explained or rationalized, then get rid of it. Get your mind to accept you can live without the limitation. You’ll find the water is shallow when you try it, and the belief will dissipate and become a thing of the past. And your business will improve.

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