Masterminds: The Cure for Accountability

Masterminds: The Cure for Accountability - Laura Rike
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Get everything done on your todo list!

If you run your own business it’s likely you struggle with the feeling of never being where you want to be.

Maybe you’re not reaching the goals you’ve set. Maybe you’re not making the money you thought. Or maybe you’re not creating the impact you envisioned when you began your journey. Maybe you have a hard time showing up for yourself and that’s’ called accountability and there’s a solution for it!

All of the above were the case for me before I joined my first online Mastermind and experienced some major shift in my life and business.

What is a Mastermind and how can it help with accountability?

A Mastermind, in a nutshell, refers to a group of people (4 -6) with a common goal that meet (in person or online) on a regular basis to improve their business.

Masterminds are a container for people in a similar positions to you in their biz, who show up, who share and learn, and give to each other in a way that changes the dynamic of how you show up for yourself and to do your own work.

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We’re all trying to do things in the world that matter and we’ve all heard you have to have the right people on the bus. What it fundamentally means, is you have to have the right people showing up to buy into what you’re doing and who will share and invest in you and what you do. This is a truth: No one does it alone. Period.

It’s a very powerful thing to be in the company of people whose hearts, souls and minds are aligned with what you’re trying to create, and in turn, offer you the best of their knowledge, strengths and gifts. That’s a Mastermind.

Masterminds moved the needle for me. When I joined my Mastermind, my business and life were in atrophy. Three years prior I’d launched my strategy and consulting business the same week I happened to conceive my daughter. Talk about getting everything you ask for all at once!

Mastermind: The Cure for Getting Things Done in Your Business

My first year of business was full of growth as I cruised top speed towards D-day (delivery day!). But after the baby came I really began struggling. Suddenly I had all the extra responsibilities of being a mom and with a partner who was a ski guide and away about half the year. On top of that, I had client responsibilities and was still trying to grow my business. After a while I became buried under my life, my business stopped growing and I stopped reaching any goals. Beyond that, I felt incredibly isolated and lonely getting up every day, heading to my bedroom office and and trying to hit it out of the park, all by myself.

The group support, accountability, and laser sharp insights provided by my cohort helped me immeasurably. Suddenly, I wasn’t alone anymore; it was like I had a trusted team of advisors. It quite literally changed my life and created huge shift in my business. I was so moved by the the profound impact and shift I’ve witnessed through Masterminds, I became a Mastermind coach!

Benefits of a Mastermind

Strategies and Techniques
Everyone in your group will have different expertise and experience. You’ll receive and give valuable feedback and insights that help you and others in the group problem solve and reach goals.

Networks & Resources
You’ll get access to resources and the networks of other members in your group that you’d otherwise never be exposed to.

You’ll get everything done on your todo list as part of a group holding you accountable to yourself and helps you take action. Follow through goes through the roof!

In Masterminds you’ll find a community of like minded entrepreneurs who understand what you do and how hard you’re working. These people will celebrate your wins and offer their support to ensure your success.

When you sit down in a Mastermind, you get more in 2 hours than you do in a year of strategic meetings and planning. The entire group is focused solely on your challenge and with that kind of CEO level brainpower directed at you, breakthroughs happen immediately.

How to Pick a Mastermind

Not all Masterminds are created equal and while they can be highly effective there’s also a lot of crappy ones out there and I’d be happy if you can avoid them. The following are few things to consider when you’re picking a Mastermind:

Free vs Paid
When you join or host a free mastermind while people are keen, without the financial commitment, in many cases, they’ll be less committed despite best intentions. It’s just human nature. Once people have skin in the game, they’re a lot likely to follow through. Without consistency and commitment Masterminds don’t work. Accountability is key in a Mastermind and it results in incredible outcomes.

A good Mastermind will be carefully curated though an application process that takes in such considerations as type of business or organization, where people are in their businesses (start up vs growth phase vs fund raising phase) and personality types (introvert vs extrovert). It will also weed out people who aren’t committed to taking action.

Coach or Facilitator
It’s difficult to manage a Mastermind when you’re in one. Not impossible, but we’re busy people and a coach will efficiently and effectively delegate the time so everyone gets their spotlight and results which is important. The coach is trained not only in the structure and nuts and bolts but takes over all the logistics and administration. A coach will ensure you get the value you’re seeking and are trained to dig and help uncover blocks and resistance to growth

If you’re looking to create a significant shift in your business and really are committed to going next level, there’s nothing quite like a mastermind to help you reach your goals. But there’s a lot of them out there so do your research and pick wisely! Find out more about how to join a Mastermind here

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  • Erin

    December 3, 2016

    Great post! A mastermind is EXACTLY what I need. Well, that, and about 10 more hours in each day. 😉
    xoxo, erin |

  • Apolline

    December 3, 2016

    I must admit that picking a mastermind is sometimes difficult especially if you can’t find the right one to suit your needs. Your explanation will help me choose the right now.

  • Imaobong

    December 2, 2016

    This sounds really good.
    I strongly believe that sometimes all we need is that support system to work better, and perform much more efficiently.

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