My name is Laura and I'm a Pintastic Powerhouse and the rouge rockstar behind Laura Rike. I've been blogging for a number of years now and my whole business completely changed (for the better) when I discovered the untapped answer to exploding my business.

My mission is to help high-performing business owners and bloggers like you, use Pinterest get profitable and create an extremely visible presence that is powerful online!

I know the platform inside and out and I know the types of campaigns, content, creatives, and landing pages that work.

You don't need random pretty pins thrown into a campaign - hoping your money spent leads to traffic & if you pray hard enough - sales! You need intentional Pinterest advertising strategy - that I can provide!

Celebrating some wins for my clients:

  • 1 million page views in a 30 day span.
  • Targeted email leads for less than $0.57 per email lead with promoted pin campaigns.
  • 141% increase in monthly leads and 28% increase in overall website traffic
  • CPC of $0.18 on Pinterest where the same ad set on Facebook was reaching $1.18 CPC
  • Cost per purchase of $2k digital product below $8.02 with 12 purchases in 7 days!
  • 6.5m monthly viewers and 38% increase in engagement
  • 162 new email leads (in 7 days) for only $238.62 which breaks down to $1.47 per lead
  • Maybe you have tried to set up a campaign but didn't get the results that you were looking for...
  • Maybe you don't have a clear cut strategy behind who to target and you aren't sure where to start when creating a promoted pin campaign...

Don't worry I get it!

Think of me as your guardian angel that will hold your hand through the process to ensure you get the most from our time together! I can help with the strategy, optimization, design and growth of your brand through Promoted Pin Ad Management.

What People Are Saying About Laura Rike...

Laura has great communication and the openness to discuss the project at any time with me. She took my account from 102 monthly views to over 112k monthly views. Now that is a vanity number but she has also increased sales over 68% in 60 days and climbing. I am very satisfied with the work Laura continues to provide for me and my business.

Claudia Buchanan

Laura presents very informative and helpful Pinterest strategies. Easy to talk to, quick to answer questions, and made sure to help with any confusion.

Reena Maheshwari