LinkedIn Pulse: A Comprehensive Blogging Platform

LinkedIn Pulse: A Comprehensive Blogging Platform - Envizion Advertising via Laura Rike

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LinkedIn is a platform that has been around for years and that is highly useful and often used in the professional world to help you showcase your professional side as well as make contact with other professionals. LinkedIn is a very useful platform but like any other form of social media, it has needed to evolve in order to stay up to date with current demands and market trends. LinkedIn Pulse is the solution to all the changes that have been taking place in the current market.

The key is knowing exactly how to use LinkedIn in a way that will bring you more traffic and email subscribers. In this post I will show you exactly how to generate more exposure for your blog using LinkedIn – it’s easier than you think.

LinkedIn is an established platform that has been around for years and with the new LinkedIn Pulse it has not only extended its use but also extended opportunities for users.

Like every other platform, LinkedIn Pulse also has its unique features and usability that need to be understood before you can use it like a pro.

How do I use LinkedIn Pulse?

Linkedin Pulse is a variation of the Linkedin platform that allows users to publish content directly to their followers in a news feed like format. The platform also works to tailor content and the newsfeed to each particular user in a way that helps to feed off of their interests and content they may like to see. Content can come from anywhere, not just well known influencers and you can create your own content to be self published on the site to your followers.

This is a great way to build your audience and to truly connect with the people around you. If you are already using LinkedIn you can easily access Pulse from your own homepage. You can visit the Pulse homepage by logging into your LinkedIn account then selecting pulse on the drop down interests menu. Each week you will get an email from Pulse that takes you to a range of articles based on your interests. You do not need to follow anyone in particular to get content suggestions.

How do I create a blog on Linkedin?

Creating a blog for Linkedin is easier than you might imagine. You first need to write your blog. If you have an article idea you are not going to need to access the writing ideas from the site. With a blog you can add information about any topic that you want and can address your audience so that you reach the people you want to reach. If you are not sure what to write about, you can visit the Pulse homepage then select the writing ideas option under the publish a post option.

This will give you a range of ideas that you can then write about to help reach your audience. If you have an idea in mind, you can simply write your blog and move on to the next steps. The process is fairly straightforward, you upload your content, you can add headlines, photos, and even choose from a range of formatting options to see what fits your content bests. You can also tag your posts to help people find them in searches and you can publish immediately or have the content auto publish at a later date.

So how do you publish your blog on LinkedIn Pulse?

  1. Select ‘Pulse’ from the ‘interests’ dropdown on the main navigation on LinkedIn that takes you to the Pulse homepage, where the option to ‘publish a post’ is available.
  2. You can use the ‘Writing Ideas’ option if you are unsure about what to write. This feature shows timely potential topics.
  3. You can upload images from your computer to add to the visual impact of your post. Pictures that are 700 X 400 pixels look best!
  4. Add a headline to the picture.
  5. There are several formatting options to choose from. You can insert headers, quotes, bold the text, adjust alignment, add bullet points etc. there are numerous options to choose from so spend some time discovering and exploring them.
  6. You can also insert links images and videos or other media assets.
  7. There are tagging options available to make it easier to search your post.
  8. You can publish immediately or save the post to be published later.

Blogging has become the most interactive way to communicate with a large audience. LinkedIn Pulse offers many great tools and options that make your blogs more enriched.

It is important to understand the varying aspects of Pulse before you start using it to the fullest. Spend time and explore the options and then use them to your advantage. The title of your blog must be catchy and must lure people to continue reading your post. Spend time on your writing ideas before sharing them with the world!

What is the difference between a post and an article on Linkedin?

The main difference in a blog post and an article on Linkedin is going to be the information you use to back up your writing and the listed sources that you provide. The more sources you provide the more authoritative your content is going to be and the less like a blog post it will be as well. Taking the time to find good reliable sources to back up your claims and to back up your article is going to help put you in a place of authority and is going to add levity to your work and to the article that you are publishing.

Blogs are more informal and do not necessarily need to have a ton of sources to help back up what is written. You can also take the time to think about the way Linkedin articles are written as opposed to Linkedin Pulse blogging, articles are going to be more formal while blogs tend to be a bit more laid back.

How often should you post articles on Linkedin?

In order to reach your audience you should be at the very least writing one blog a week. You want to keep your audience engaged and want to make sure that your audience looks forward to the content that you produce. A one post a week minimum is going to keep your audience engaged and is also going to help your audience connected. Ideally, you should be posting more than once a week to help really stay relevant.

Taking the time to create a posting schedule can help you to determine what is going to work best for your and what is going to work best for your audience as well. A great jumping off point is to publish once a week with the goal of eventually posting two, three or even four times a week. Over posting can get tiring though so aiming for a realistic goal is going to be your best bet.

LinkedIn Pulse is a great option for those looking to build their online presence in a way that is evergreen and useful.

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LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms for expanding your reach and improving your business results. The key is knowing exactly how to use LinkedIn in a way that will bring you more traffic and email subscribers. In this post I will show you exactly how to generate more exposure for your blog using LinkedIn - it's easier than you think. #LinkedIn #LinkedInPulse #LinkedInMarketing #LinkedInMarketingStrategy

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