How to Use the LinkedIn Data Export Tool in Your Marketing Objectives

How to Use LinkedIn's Data Export Tool in Your Marketing Objectives via Envizion Advertising
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As the old saying goes, LinkedIn is full of valuable data that can help you in crafting your marketing campaigns and serving your clients. Okay, maybe that’s not an old saying. In fact, you may never have heard that before, but that doesn’t make it any less true. As with any social media network, LinkedIn stores treasure troves of data on how their users interact with each other, the platform itself, and ads and content on the site. Unlike many, however, they allow you to export LinkedIn connections and lots of other data that can be helpful.

Export LinkedIn Connections

Downloading your connections from LinkedIn is really an obvious no-brainer. After all, what good is using a CRM if you don’t fill it with your contacts? There is one important thing to note about exporting contacts from any social platform, however – you can’t just add them all to your email marketing list.

Well, technically you can,  but it’s really bad practice (as in spammy, and sure to lose you some great connections). Not to mention that it violates CASL and the CAN-SPAM Act. Bottom line, don’t start marketing to these contacts unless they’ve given you 100% explicit permission to do so. That’s what opt-in campaigns are for.

That shouldn’t stop you from building your CRM with these connections though. In fact, it might be wise to do this right away since LinkedIn has already put the connections export on hold once and there are indications that currently being able to extract them may be a temporary thing. If they decide to pull that ability again come next year, you could be stuck getting contact information one-by-one and having to copy and paste or *gasp* actually typing them in manually. And you don’t need that kind of stress in your life.

Can you export data from LinkedIn?

For now, exporting your contacts is simple. Just hover over the My Network tab on your homepage and then click on Connections.

LinkedIn's Data Export Tool

Next, click on the Settings icon (the typical “gear” icon, top right of the page), and then click on Export LinkedIn Connections under Advanced Settings (again, top right).

How to Use LinkedIn's Data Export Tool in Your Marketing Objectives

It’s that simple… almost. You’ll have to wait anywhere from 24 to 72 hours for the file to be ready (they’ll send you a link when it is). Then you’ll download a .CSV file that you can import into whatever CRM system you choose. There’s also a Chrome extension that makes the process simple.

LinkedIn Data Export Tool

Contact info isn’t the only data you can get from LinkedIn. The LinkedIn data export tool gives you data on ad click data, skills, endorsements, search queries, and more. You can only export your own data of course, but you can also request that your clients do the same and share the files with you. To use the tool, go to account settings (top right of the page, your profile picture icon), click on the Account tab on the left, and then click the “Request an archive of your data”. Again, it can take up to 72 hours to receive the link for downloading the files.

Linkedin Data Export Tool for Ad Click Data

Good marketers can use data like this to determine all sorts of helpful applications of it, but here are some basics to get you started. First of all, just looking at your own data will give you a good idea of how accurate LinkedIn is in profiling users for targeting purposes. For non-paying members, it can also give you all the search queries you’ve performed in the past (paying members already get this info).

If you can get your clients’ Ads Targeting files, it will really help you in narrowing down how you target your own LinkedIn ads. Even better, if you can peek at their Ad Click Data files you’ll be able to much better pinpoint their interests to customize your ads and your content for their consumption. Gaining access to their Search Queries files is even better for insight.

The possibilities are endless based on your own imagination and marketing acumen, but only if you take advantage of this information and do the exporting. I would suggest now, while you still can.

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How to Use the LinkedIn Data Export Tool in Your Marketing Objectives
Did you know that you can use the data that Linkedin gathers about it´s users to aid in your own marketing objectives? Linkedin allows you to export connections and other data. Click through to learn how to export linkedin connections to utilize users interactions with one another.
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