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Set up a system ONCE & attract leads & paying customers day after day - while you sleep!

Have you ever tried to piece together a puzzle in the dark? 

Fumbling, struggling, all the while knowing that it would be a piece of cake if only you could flick on the light switch? 

This is what it feels like when you’re new to Pinterest marketing. It's like walking through a maze without a map. But what if we handed you that elusive map, lightened your path, and made everything about Pinterest marketing crystal clear?

What if accessing your ideal client was as simple as finding a secret passageway in a crowded party, leading you right to them?

With this workshop you will...

take your Pinterest profile from novice to pro
go from awareness to implementation with actionable steps
build impressive brand visibility without spending every waking minute on your marketing strategy
get all of this done in less than 30 minutes (five short steps broken out) - letting it work for you for years to come!

Hi! I'm Laura

I'm the creator of Pintastic Jumpstart, a seasoned marketing professional who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs just like you achieve their business dreams. From struggling beginners to established business owners, my proven methods have consistently delivered incredible results.

By investing in Pintastic Jumpstart, you're signing up for more than just a workshop; you're committing to a future where your business flourishes on Pinterest. You'll gain the skills and knowledge you need to attract your ideal customers and grow your business organically, all while saving precious time and resources. AND it all starts with your Pinterest foundational profile - eh hem - Pintastic Jumpstart!

Some of the clients who implemented this system celebrated a 189% bump in visibility, traffic specifically from Pinterest increased to the #1 referral source to their website, signed a new high-ticket client & MORE!

Love Notes:

Our amazing community is loving our workshops... here's what they are saying about Pintastic Jumpstart.

Carli-Louan Foster

"Fantastic and incredible value! Given me so many ideas and saved a huge amount of research!"

Shannon Powers-Kleinjans

"Seriously, wow! This is exactly the tool I needed to bump my marketing up that extra step"

Imagine your brand as a powerful magnet...

effortlessly pulling in eager customers from the vast sea of Pinterest users. 
Can you see it?

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