How to moderate Instagram comments automatically for free

Moderate Instagram comments for free - Laura Rike

Life’s too short for spam bots and negative peeps, which it is perfect that Instagram has a filtering tool that lets you how to moderate Instagram comments, such as prohibiting offensive language. This filtering tool is meant “to promote a culture where everyone feels safe to be themselves without criticism or harassment.” For a while, the feature was being tested only on accounts with a lot of followers, but now it’s available to anyone with an Instagram account.…

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Why I broke up with my Instagram Followers

Why I broke up with my Instagram Followers - Laura Rike formerly Envizion Advertising

One of the best ways to engage with your customers is to take advantage of the growing market of Instagram. This is especially great for entrepreneurs as it presents an excellent way to present your product in a way that pops visually. The only problem with Instagram marketing is that it opens you up to the possibility of Instagram spam followers. These are accounts that could potentially tarnish your brand’s image should any legitimate followers…

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10 Tips for Instagram Engagement

10 Tips for Instagram Engagement - Envizion Advertising

Instagram is still a social media platform, so while so many people focus on getting followers, Instagram ENGAGEMENT is KEY! Instagram is known as the “King of Social Engagement.” Engagement rates on Instagram are astronomically higher than other social platforms. Basically engagement rate means that per post, you get more likes and comments (you know, human interactions, or engagements) than on other platforms. So if 100 people see your Instagram post, you might get 4 comments. If…

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How to Drive Website Traffic With Instagram?

Instagram has emerged as one of the widely popular social media platforms to get the attention of the people. If you too wish to target your audience and get more traffic, Instagram is definitely the right choice. With its help, you can easily get instant website traffic and benefit from it. But a question arises that how you will use Instagram to get that traffic towards your website, here is the answer to all your…

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The Best Time to Post on Instagram

Instagram is all about posting content at the right time

Instagram is one of the most popular mediums to connect with the people today. It has evolved as a successful way to connect with your audience and that is why it is seeking a lot of attention. There is no denial to the fact that this social media platform attracts lots of visitors towards it thus providing a big opportunity for the business owners to enhance their website traffic as well as the sales. If…

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