How To Save Pins On Pinterest

Interested in Learning How to Post on Pinterest?

First, I want to make sure that you have a basic understanding of Pinterest. Pinterest is an amazing tool allowing you to post, or pin, images and information around graphics to a board. It is similar to an old school cork board hanging on the wall in your bedroom, except its virtual. The goal is to have others save your pin. This allows more people to see it for brand awareness and visit your site. So, what you really need to know is how to save pins on Pinterest.

How Save Pins on Pinterest

    • Create an account, a user name that makes sense for your business and add a profile picture.
    • You must create boards to save pins to.
    • Boards should have a category and then you can pin images based on that theme/niche.
    • Use extra thought when creating titles and descriptions of your boards, and posts.
    • Keywords are a must.

Key Thoughts About How to Post on Pinterest

Pinning on Pinterest is simple. What is most important is the content and the description of the items you post. Take your time and really consider what you are pinning, who you are trying to serve and how you can capture their attention in an image.