How To Create Instagram Ads

Creating instagram ads in easy steps

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For business owners, Instagram can really be one of the best ways to draw an audience in (a younger generation to be more specific). If youre going to use Instagram to promote your business and services, you should take advantage of the Ad feature that was just recently introduced into the platform.

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Instagram Ads are a wonderful way to catch the attention of your audience. After all, people who use Instagram are generally more visual people who are looking for anything that catches their eye. That being said, if youre getting the right followers on Instagram, youll be sure to see a major traffic surge to your website pages because the exciting posts you create. Plus, if your business is something that is specifically helpful to people, your audience will be happy to connect with you on such a creative platform.

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How To Create Instagram Ads

So, how do you create these Instagram Ads?

The first step is a simple one: Connect your Instagram account to Facebook.

Why? Well, ultimately youll be creating these ads through Facebooks Power Editor. You can find this by simply going to your settings and clicking on Instagram Adsand Add Account. By doing all of this, you will have taken the first step in creating Ads for your Instagram account.

Next, youll need to select the type of Ad youd like to make. For the Instagram Ads, you have three options to choose from: clicks to your website, mobile app installs, and video views.

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Carousel ads are a series of images that users can browse.
Carousel ads are a series of images that users can browse.

With these objectives, the three key ad units you have are capitalizing on are image, video and carousel ads. Of course, image ads are the simple images that grab peoples attention and video ads are the same but with the moving images/videos. Carousel ads are really interesting as they allow users to scroll through several images which gives them a broader sense of everything youre advertising.

Make sure you’re reaching to your correct audience

Like any social media platform, you have to know where and how to use your posts. If you arent marketing these posts to the right audience, you might as well just throw in the towel now. Dont market your funky fashion to middle age men and dont send Powerful Briefcaseads to sixteen year old girls. When it comes down to it, your marketing efforts rely heavily on your audience, so make sure youre actually reaching them (because youre wasting your money otherwise)! Use the Instagram targeting options to find your audience!

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This probably speaks for itself but if you using a visual platform, such as Instagram, you need to add captivating images! After all, what were trying to do is grab the attention of these visual people. Youll want to make something funny or lively that speaks to you market and stops them in their tracks while scrolling through their feed. Try and think about what you would stop to look at and make a list of all of those things. Also, check out your competitors. Of course, dont copy their content, but take some notes about whats working for them and what isnt. This is a great first step to knowing what your audience is looking for.

Hashtags are keywords that help your audience actually find and view your content.

Finally, use hashtags to your advantage! This is another one of those use it well or dont use it at allmoments. If youre not using hashtags on Instagram, youre doing something wrong. Hashtags are keywords that help your audience actually find and view your content. If youre hoping to market your ads to the people who can actually use your services, then you need to do everything in your power to make sure they are seeing what youre putting out there. Make sure to check which hashtags are trending that are relevant to your posts. is another great way to find specific hashtags that you can use!

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Connecting your Instagram account to Facebook

How To Create Instagram Ads

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