How To Find Pinterest group boards

How To Find Group Boards on Pinterest
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For people and businesses looking to collaborate, increase reach, and improve visibility, uncovering how to find Pinterest group boardss that are collaboration type boards can seem like the next best step.

After all, wouldn’t being on other people’s Group Boards speed up how you grow an audience and get your product or service into more hands?

Before diving deep into this strategy, let’s look at some basic information about Group Boards.  Then we’ll tackle how to find Group Boards on Pinterest and conclude by looking at some thoughts to consider before joining a Group Board.

As we head there, we’ll cover:

  • What Is A Pinterest Group Board? 
  • How Does A Group Board Work?
  • How To Find Group Boards On Pinterest.
  • What To Look For In A Group Board.
  • Will Joining A Group Board Help Your Business?

Let’s start with some of the foundations.

Thoughts To Consider When Joining Group Boards on Pinterest
How To Find Pinterest group boards

What Is A Pinterest Group Board?

A Pinterest Group Board is a board that is owned by one user and made available to other users.  

Pinterest’s intent was to offer Group Boards as a way for people to collaborate.  

Pinterest group boards

The collaborative element exists because Group Boards are a way of bringing together the posts (known as pins) of more than one Pinterest user.  Once approved, a person can pin to the Group Board without receiving permission each time.

Now that you know what a Group Board is, let’s look at how they work.

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How Does A Group Board Work?

There are four aspects to consider when thinking about how a Group Board works:

  1. The Group Board Owner’s experience.  
  2. The Contributor’s experience.
  3. The Group Board Audience’s experience.  
  4. Pinterest’s experience.

Let’s look at these one at a time.

The Group Board Owner’s Experience.

The Group Board Owner creates a Group Board to allow for collaboration.  As such, the Group Board Owner gets to set the Rules.

They can decide not only the topic and what is acceptable content for a Group Board, but also who and how many people can contribute.

They can an a ‘Request to Join’ button to control who joins and manage requests.

And they hold the power to keep a Board up and running for public visibility or archive it. 

In short, it’s their Board so they can dictate the Rules.

The Contributor’s Experience.

Once a contributor knows how to find Group Boards on Pinterest, they then have to decide whether joining the Group meets their needs.

If a contributor is invited or seeks to add content to a Group Board, they are well served to carefully look at the type and amount of content on the Group Board before joining.

Once the decision is made to join, the contributor has to be approved.  This can be an automatic process … like click here and you’re in … or a process with a more involved approval process.

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Since every Group Board Owner can handle their Board differently, the contributor has to follow the Rules set up by the Group Board owner.

Once a contributor has picked a Group Board and is allowed to join, the contributor can pin content that meets the criteria (if any) set by the Group Board Owner.

This includes not only the type but the frequency of the content pinned.

It is important to remember that the higher the value of content pinned by the contributor, the more likely that the content will be seen and shared by the Group Board’s audience.

Your Audience’s Experience.

While the normal routine of following someone on Pinterest means you automatically are set to follow all of that person or business’ boards, that’s not how Group Boards work.

Instead, Group Boards work like this:

  • If an audience member follows you, they are automatically following your boards and the Group Boards you own.
  • They are NOT automatically set to follow the content you post on Group Boards owned by someone else.  Rather, they have to manually follow those other Group Boards.

In other words, someone following you automatically gets your content on your owned boards and your owned Group Boards.  

But for Group Boards that contain content from you but that are on Boards not owned by you, your audience has to individually follow those Boards.

Pinterest’s Experience.

Because Pinterest owns the platform, it had a specific intent for the use of Group Boards when it created them.

For Group Boards to work effectively, Group Boards have to be used by owners and collaborators in a way that meets Pinterest’s needs.

Because Pinterest’s desire is to have Group Boards available for collaboration, its algorithm favors certain behaviors and disfavors others when scoring and sharing content.

No wonder Pinterest currently favors Group Boards that are designed to have people collaborating towards a unified end goal – like putting on an event or attending a virtual meeting together.

Pinterest is not favoring Group Boards designed for highly personalized goals – like marketing purposes.

As a result, it will become even more important to think through what the goal is of the content you will be pinning when deciding whether to create your own Group Board or join someone else’s.

How To Pin To A Group Board.

Before joining a Group Board, make sure you know what the Rules are and whether there are people collaborating on the Board that you feel comfortable collaborating with too.

While the company you keep may let you borrow authority, it can also cheapen the authority you hold.

Because the owner of the Group Board gets to decide who can add content to the Board and who can’t, you do not hold any quality control.

Once you decide to join a Group Board and are accepted, pinning on the board is easy.

Pinning on a Group Board is just like pinning on any board:

  1. Create your pin.
  2. When you go to click ‘Publish,’ select the Group Board you want to publish to from the drop-down list that populates.
  3. Then publish.

Viola!  Your Group Board pinning is done.

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How To Find Group Boards on Pinterest.

It goes without saying that your first step to finding a Group Board on Pinterest is to get clear about your end goal.

Are you looking to increase your authority by adding content to a Group Board that your audience would consider up a notch or two from where you currently are?  Are you trying to expand your reach?  Are you looking to use the Group Board to market an offer in front of a new audience?

If you are looking to do the last one – marketing an offer – know that likely the Group Board strategy isn’t something that will work.  In fact, as discussed in the last chapter in this article, it could actually hurt your overall efforts.

There are a number of ways to find Group Boards on Pinterest.  But not all ways are equal.

Some of the ways require more work than others.  And some can be swiftly done with very little research.  

Pick the way that best works for your goals, interest and time commitment.

To start, know that Group Boards each have a board title.  Near the Board title, the Group Board will contain the profile icons of more than one person or business collaborating on that Board.  

Pinterest group boards

This is a clear indication it is a Group Board.

To find a Group Board, there are 7 main ways to do so:

  1. Ask those you already connect with about Group Boards they participate in.
  2. Ask your audience if they follow any Group Boards.
  3. Look at the Group Boards fellow influencers or your competition are on.
  4. Look in Facebook Groups for those open to Group Board collaboration.
  5. Search on Pinterest for Group Boards.
  6. Use a Third Party Group Board Search Tool.
  7. Analyze your own pins for any re-pinning on Group Boards.

Let’s cover these one-by-one:

Ask those you already connect with about Group Boards they participate in

  1. Message any individuals you know in the same or an allied field.
  2. Ask them if they participate in any Group Board collaborations.
  3. Ask what their experience is and what recommendations they have.
  4. Review the Group Boards that they suggest in order to find ones that work for your goals.

Ask your audience if they follow any Group Boards

  1. Scan your followers for those you would consider to be your ideal clients.
  2. Reach out to them privately.
  3. Ask them if they follow any Group Boards.
  4. Ask which Group Boards they would recommend and why.

Look at the Group Boards influencers or your competition are on

  1. Go to the influencer or your competition’s Pinterest page.
  2. Click on ‘See All Boards.’
  3. Look for the Boards that have more than one icon on them signaling they are Group Boards.
  4. Go to those Boards.
  5. Find ones that make sense for you to join.

Look in Facebook Groups

  1. Go to Facebook’s search bar.
  2. Search for Groups focused on your topic.
  3. Look for Groups that are looking to gather Pinterest Group Board Collaborators.

Search Pinterest for Group Boards

  1. Go to the Pinterest search bar.
  2. Type in the search bar a topic that relates to your business.
  3. When the search populates results, click the ‘All pins’ next to the search bar and click on ‘Boards.’
  4. A circle icon will appear at the top of Board name with more than one profile image.
  5. Click on the ones that interest you.

Use A Third-Party Group Board Search Tool

  1. There are Third Party Group Board directories, like PinGroupie, that provide information on Group Boards.
Pinterest group boards

Analyze your own pins for any re-pinning on Group Boards

  1. Look at your analytics.
  2. Find any pins that have been re-pinned.
  3. Assess whether any of the re-pinning has been to Group Boards.
  4. Reach out to the Group Board Owner and request to be a contributor.

What To Look For In A Group Board.

Even if you found a Group Board on your topic, it doesn’t necessarily mean the Board is right for you.

First, make sure the Group Board is active.  Just because it exists doesn’t mean anyone is posting on it.

Next, make sure the Group Board has the number of people following it that makes sense for your goals.  Most people think that the greater the numbers, the better for increasing your visibility.  

But that is true only up to a point.

If the Group Board has lots of followers but also has tons of contributors, your work might get lost in the volume.  And that can mean that even though there is a lot of activity and a ton of followers, with too many contributors you won’t be seen.

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More importantly, if the Group Board is not getting consistent traffic, collaborating on the Group Board might actually bring your overall numbers … and thus your visibility down … not only on the Group Board but in your own work.

So make sure any Group Board you join is active. Has numbers that serve you, has consistent followers and will help increase … not decrease your visibility.

How To Join A Group Board.

There are two ways that most people join: through a button or through a request:

Group Board Owners that make the joining process easy include a ‘Join’ button on their Boards.  Simply click on the button.

Others require you to reach out to them or have specific requirements for membership in their Board Rules.  To do that:

  • Go to the Group Board you want to pin content on.
  • Locate the ‘Find’ button.
  • Next to the ‘Find’ button is a ‘Request to Join.’
  • Click on the ‘Request to Join.’

Even if there is a ‘Join’ button, read the Rules and follow the steps they require.

Now let’s look at the last and perhaps most important factor – factors to consider when assessing whether joining the Group Board will really help your end goal.

Will Joining A Group Board Help Your Business?

Once you’ve unpacked how to find a Group Board on Pinterest and looked at what a specific Group Board can provide for you, it’s time to consider whether joining a Group Board will help your business.

As mentioned above, joining a Group Board does nor automatically make your own numbers increase.  In fact, it could tank your numbers and thus your reach.

Here are 11 ways that joining a Group Board can hurt your overall ranking:

  1. The Group Board has no recent activity and is at risk for being dormant.
  2. The Group Board has recent activity but the activity is inconsistent or sporadic.
  3. The Group Board has several topics running on the Board rather than one specific topic.
  4. The type of followers of the Group Board is not a match with your ideal client.
  5. The number of followers does not make sense for your goals.
  6. There are indications that the Group Board Owner may be archiving the Group Board soon.
  7. The number of contributors is so expansive that it is unlikely your work will be found even with the number of followers the Board has.
  8. The goal of the Group Board is a marketing goal that negatively engages the algorithm.
  9. People don’t repin the pins appearing on the Group Board.
  10. Contributors don’t share the pins of fellow contributors.
  11. You can’t maintain the level of consistency and frequency with your own pins on the Group Board to meet the objective you set for being on the Group Board.

That’s the instances when a Group Board won’t work.  So be careful before you join.  

And periodically check your stats to make sure your activity on the Group Board continues to make sense.

What are some of the instances where a Group Board could work?

Here are 5 instances where a Group Board may be great for collaboration:

  1. A planned or upcoming Virtual Summit.
  2. A product showcase launch.
  3. A product or service launch.
  4. Event planning – such as a party, wedding, retirement party or other gathering.
  5. A call for speakers or presenters.

In these instances, you are looking to use the Group Board for true collaboration.  There is a goal or specific outcome with a deadline.  And there are a number of necessary people to make the goal of the Group Board work.

Those factors encourage consistent, regular participation.

Of course, a Group Board is also great for personal vacationing or trip planning, as a Remembrance Board, Wedding Shower or Celebration Board, Birthday Celebration, Baby Shower or Announcement Board.  But those uses will not likely increase your visibility or improve your long term results, especially since while the memories might be great, they are often time limited in their activity. 

Again, periodically check your stats to make sure the numbers are going in the right direction.  If after three to four weeks you find that the pin engagement is low and you are not seeing a rise in re-pins or shares, you may want to re-think your participation on that Group Board.

Your Next Step

Knowing how to find Group Boards on Pinterest is only the first step.

After you find ones that make sense to you, you need to take the steps to join the collaboration.

And as is true with most aspects of social media, make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect and build relationships.

With opportunities to reach new co-collaborators as well as followers, joining select Group Boards can expand your reach and your authority.

So take that next step.  Move from knowing how to find Group Boards on Pinterest to expanding your reach and leveraging your content.

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