Facebook Groups for every Entrepreneur, Freelancer & Blogger

Facebook Groups for every Entrepreneur, Freelancer & Blogger - Envizion Advertising
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Facebook is the most popular social media in the world, and any serious business owner should have a strong presence on this social platform. It is also the social media with the largest number of users in the world as well as the most engaging social platform. One day you’re all about paying for Facebook ads and scheduling content, the next you’re scratching your head wondering if all that extra work is really worth it.

Joining Facebook groups to support my business and blogging passion is my current favorite thing about Facebook. I get to interact and collaborate with like-minded people, find and build new lasting relationships and so much more. It’s a very powerful resource. There are so many groups on Facebook that entrepreneurs can join for free to “make it all worth it”, but here is the list of my top favorite groups to enhance your business activity:


The purpose of this group is to provide you with a place to check in with other like-minded individuals, participate in group discussion, ask questions, and seek positive support. This is a community of people to SUPPORT you. A energetic, positive place FREE OF JUDGEMENT to share your dreams and ask for help when you need it!


The group has over 4700 members who are all women with entrepreneur skills or those who wish to learn more about business skills. This is a community where you can connect with your business peers and ask specific questions about business or life as an entrepreneur.

The group has over 4700 members who are all women with entrepreneur skills or those who wish to learn more about business skills. This is a community where you can connect with your business peers and ask specific questions about business or life as an entrepreneur.

This is a group with brilliant and creative members who have excellent ideas and are very engaging on matters to do with entrepreneurial and blogging activities. Members are free and encouraged to share creative ideas, especially on Fridays when they host a group by the name Creative Genius feed. Members can also pick creative ideas from the group’s members which can also boost the success of their enterprises.

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This is one of the all-women Facebook groups with the largest number of members that amounts to over 6600 members. There are promotional threads that are posted on a daily basis requesting and encouraging the members to post in the group and get blogging insights from other group members.

This is a place where freelancers meet other freelancers and exchange helpful insights and support to one another on issues such as referral opportunities, sharing relevant resources and other activities related to the freelance community.

This Facebook group is open to those members who wish to learn how to be excellent bloggers and entrepreneurs. It is great for those members who are new to online business, and they will learn a lot from other members who have prospered in carrying out internet business.

This is a great place for those looking for a group to learn on how to excel as business owners. The members share ideas on how to be an excellent boss and succeed. It is also a great place to learn the methods applied by the business owners to be more successful.

The group is one of the largest Facebook groups with over 7000 members and is an excellent place for bloggers and online entrepreneurs to network and gain knowledge. You will need to subscribe via email.

This is a good place if you are lady business or you are aspiring to be one, and the successful women will offer helpful insights and how they succeeded in making their businesses profitable. The group currently has over 4000 members who are all ladies and every member is encouraged to have shared their stories, and there are prompts on a daily basis that encourages all the ladies to post a comment or ask questions.

This is one of the best Facebook groups that will ensure that your business skills are enhanced by giving you a free copy of Caitlin’s e-book. There are thousands of members in this group who are also very engaging and supportive.

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The above Facebook groups are excellent places for business owners to share ideas, connect with other entrepreneurs with the same business goals and get feedback on any issues to do with business matters. All you have to do is to join and start engaging and sharing.

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