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There are different ways to improve your reach and visibility on Pinterest and if you’re someone who wants to get the most out of this social platform, you probably want to take full advantage of all the options available, including the used of a collaborative pinterest board.

Among the ways that you can increase your visibility on the aforementioned site is through using what’s known as a Group Board. Group Boards are intended to provide users with ways to more effectively share their ideas with their friends.

Seen from that perspective, it may not seem like they will be able to help you out that much if you want to broaden your reach, but some enterprising users have found ways to make them work to their benefit.

How to accept a collaboration invite on pinterest.

Collaborative boards on pinterest are useful for improving your reach because of one key reason: They allow your pins to be seen by people who may have never stumbled upon your profile otherwise.

Once your pin makes it on to a collaborative board on pinterest, it can be seen there by the followers of the Group Board’s owner as well as the collaborators who have been invited to fill up that board. There’s a chance that your pins may have been found by those users anyway, but the Group Board can significantly improve the odds of that happening.

You can easily end up with more followers and additional people to interact with all because you chose to post a pin on a Group Board.

How Pinterest Group Boards Have Changed

Given the kind of benefit that Pinterest’s Group Boards can offer to those looking to improve their reach on the site, you would think that they would be all the rage right now. Spend a little time online reading up on them though and you may discover something different.

Those Group Boards seem to be declining in popularity and that’s due in large part to them not being as beneficial as they used to be. If you’re just using the Smart Feed to scan the content available on the site, don’t be surprised if you go for a long time without seeing any Group Board pop up.

In many ways, those Pinterest collaboration boards have become forgotten as Pinterest’s Smart Feed has de-emphasized them. After that happened, it was inevitable that users would similarly neglect Group Boards in lieu of other ways to boost their profiles.

Does all of that mean that Group Boards are no longer of any use to you if your goal is to establish a larger online presence via Pinterest? Well, that’s not exactly the case.

Group Boards can still have an important role in your overall marketing strategy. The only difference now is that you have to be smarter about how to use them.

How You Should Alter Your Strategy for Pinterest Collaboration

The most important thing to note about Pinterest’s Smart Feed is that above everything else, it is designed to introduce users to the type of content that has generated or is expected to generate a significant amount of engagement.

With that in mind, the key to making Group Boards work for you is to post content on there that will lead to engagement.

But how do you go about doing that?

First off, you have to be more selective when it comes to what you post. A scattershot approach is not going to work any longer because quality is what’s most important.

You should still post pins with regularity, but don’t do so just for the sake of seeming active. Take the time to create a pin featuring quality content as opposed to just posting everything.

Next up, you have to cut down on the number of Group Boards you’re posting to.

In the past, going on as many of those Group Boards made sense since they showed up frequently in feeds. The investment of time you need to make in order to do that now would no longer be worth it since many Group Boards are dormant and ignored.

By carefully selecting the boards you will post on, you can significantly increase the chances of your pin garnering the amount of attention you want it to.

How to find collaborative boards on pinterest

Cutting down on the number of Group Boards that you’re active in seems simple enough, but how do you know which ones to drop and which ones to keep?

Plus, there may be some other Group Boards out there that are worth your time and attention because of the benefits they can potentially provide.

When searching for a Group Board that suits you, the first and most important consideration should be its focus. If it focuses on a niche or topic that you know a lot about, then you can expect your pins to draw attention consistently.

You should also look for collaborative pinterest board populated by active users, but the activity should be manageable. If the followers of the board are too active, the pins may just get buried quickly.

In line with the purpose of ensuring improved visibility for your posts, you should also seek out the Group Boards that have below 100 contributors. Aside from having fewer competitors to deal with, a Group Board with a more reasonable contributor count should also feature higher quality content.

Lastly, try to find the boards that have solid follower counts. The goal is to get more people to view your pins after all and that’s not going to happen if the Group Board you’re posting to only has a handful of followers.

How to join collaborative boards on pinterest

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in Group Boards, you can turn your attention to finding them.

Hopefully, you already know other Pinterest users that share your interests and they may be able to introduce you to Group Boards you should be participating in.

Failing that, you can also check out Facebook Groups that cater to Pinterest as well as the website PinGroupie. Those should help you find the Group Boards you need.

Should You Moderate Your Own Group Board?

As an alternative to joining one of those collaborative pinterest board options, you may just think of running one yourself, and honestly, that’s not a bad idea. You can gain more followers from doing so and you will also be able to better maintain the quality of content that shows up on the board.

It can turn out to be a terrific move if you’re using Pinterest for business. Just be aware that managing your own Group Board is not going to be an easy task. It could easily take up what remains of your free time.

The benefits to hosting your own Group Board on Pinterest can be huge, but the same thing can be said for the time commitment you will have to make to guarantee that it is managed properly. Check out my recent video explaining the benefits of collaborative pinterest board & tribes for your marketing strategy here.

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