Why Should I use Pinterest Promoted Pin Ads?

Why Should I use Pinterest Ads?

So you’re considering creating your first Promoted Pin but you’re unsure if Pinterest ads are actually worth it for your brand?  Here’s why Pinterest is the perfect platform to include in your advertising strategy. Are Pinterest Ads Effective? Like any other platform, Pinterest ads are only as effective as the ads themselves. This means a poor ad will do poorly, whereas a fantastic ad will do really well.  The thing that stands out about Pinterest is…

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How To Increase Your Pinterest Click-Through Rate

Increased Click-Through Rate

Pinterest can be a very effective way to advertise your products or services.  Ads can help increase your brand awareness and draw more traffic to your profile, website, and links attached to your Pins.    In fact, most companies report that they see an increase in web traffic, conversions, transactions, and revenue when they use Pinterest advertising.  How do I set up an effective ad on Pinterest? Ads and promoted Pins can be crazy effective on…

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Pinterest Marketing Case Study: Pinterest Advertising and Pinterest Analytics

Looking for more visibility, leads and sales? Have amazing content, services or products that you know others will love? Click through for a case study and guide on how to create a Promoted Pin campaign. #PinterestMarketing #PromotedPins #PinterestAds

What one  Pinterest pin, a valuable blog post, keyword rich descriptions and $10 can do for your content marketing plan! Belive.tv is an amazing platform for those who are looking to reach a wider audience on Facebook with live video. I wanted to use this platform that I absolutely love as my case study for Pinterest paid advertising because they do not have a business account…. yet. I wanted to show you how effective the…

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