Should I Be Worried About Updating Past Pins?

Back in 2014, Pinterest updated their algorithm so that instead of being purely chronological, Pinterest created the Smart Feed, so does this mean we need to focus on updating past pins?  Now, Pinterest decides when to show your pin based on four different things Domain quality – aka – how often users pin content from…

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Pinning in Real-Time or Pinterest Scheduler: What gets better results?

Pinning in Real-Time or Scheduling?

Do you need to be manually scheduling your pins or can you use a pinterest scheduler? Have you been hesitant to try a 3rd party scheduling platform like Tailwind because you’ve heard it will hurt your traffic?  Using a scheduling tool can make your pinning so much easier, but if you’ve been nervous to try it…

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Should you buy pinterest followers?

Do Followers on Pinterest Matter?

How important are followers and should you consider the strategy to buy pinterest followers? This is a burning question that we often get from our clients and in the Facebook Group.  It seems like this is being emphasized again with the new “follower” button. Followers do matter, but they are not as important as you…

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Is Pinterest only for middle-aged women?

Is Pinterest is only for middle-aged women

Pinterest is an untapped resource to showcase your brand, service, or product.  Most people think that Pinterest is just for middle-aged women to decorate their houses.   But that is not the case anymore. 70% of all pins saved on Pinterest come from businesses. If you are not leveraging Pinterest for business, you are missing out! …

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How often should You Pin?

How often should I pin?

Deciding how many times a day to Pin on Pinterest needs to be strategic.   You don’t want to Pin too often or it will overwhelm your audience. But if you Pin too infrequently, then the algorithms won’t notice you.  Unfortunately, there really isn’t a magic number for how many times you should Pin each day.…

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