Are Tailwind Tribes Effective for Pinterest?

Are TailWind Tribes effective for Pinterest

Pinterest is the best platform for building your business but it can be overwhelming. Using Tailwind and specifically, the “tribes” feature takes the guesswork out of scheduling and makes it easy to find the users who want to engage with your content. What is Tailwind for Pinterest? Simply put, Tailwind is the best scheduling app…

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How To Increase Your Pinterest Click-Through Rate

Increased Click-Through Rate

Pinterest can be a very effective way to advertise your products or services, as long as you pay attention to the pinterest click through rate.  Ads can help increase your brand awareness and draw more traffic to your profile, website, and links attached to your Pins.    In fact, most companies report that they see an…

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Is Pinterest only for middle-aged women?

Is Pinterest is only for middle-aged women

Pinterest is an untapped resource to showcase your brand, service, or product.  Most people think that Pinterest is just for middle-aged women to decorate their houses.   But that is not the case anymore. 70% of all pins saved on Pinterest come from businesses. If you are not leveraging Pinterest for business, you are missing out! …

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Is Pinterest Good for Blogging?

Pinterest is the third-largest social network in the United States (behind Facebook and Instagram)? If you don’t have a strategy for Pinterest in your marketing plan now is the time.  Pinterest is an outlet for education. Yes, Pinterest is all about the pictures, but it’s what those pictures link to that’s important, which is why it’s…

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Creating A Viral Pin for Pinterest: Pinterest Case Study

The visual inspiration of Pinterest is undeniable and can spark wonders in the imagination. The difference between simply pinning photos and truly making an impactful and successful pinterest pins, is based on following several principals that are easy to follow. Pinterest can be a very rewarding experience, especially when you are able to design an…

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