Christy Wright’s Business Boutique in Nashville

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As a mama you don’t get many opportunities to travel to when they are young for business building events… unless you have an amazing support system!

I am so blessed to say that I have that system and I am BEYOND excited to attend the Dave Ramsey sponsored event in Nashville this year.


Christy has been part of Dave Ramsey’s team, coaching business leaders all over the country for many years, and is not only the beauty behind the creation of the Business Boutique – but the brains too. She is such an inspiration to me and my ventures as a mamapreneur.

When you attend Business Boutique, they say you can expect to walk away with:
new friends,
new connections,
and new insights.

That you’ll come away with an understanding of social media, customers, marketing and selling, life balance, and everything in between. I have my plan that I want for both of my businesses and now I am on a mission to find the answers I need to grow them!

Everyone knows I am a quirky, social butterfly and I have a strong passion for meeting other women in the same ‘space’ as me! I would love to connect with you at the event!

Tweet me @laura_rike if you are going to be there.

If you don’t have your tickets yet – no problem! Use this link and use coupon code: JOINUSBB for a discount. BONUS for those that use my link and code – I have a special gift just for you. WHY? Because us mamapreneurs have to stick together and I want to share something with you just because!

I seriously am soooo excited for this I signed up for the VIP ticket. They are sold out now – but I am being told that if you want the VIP access too, let me know and they will work something out for you. I mean what other event do you know of for women does that?

They are so supportive and treat all women like the Queens they truly are.

Want more information about this event? Watch this!

The other person I really want to meet is Nicole Walters! She is someone I have been following online for a while now and to make it even cooler she just adopted 3 beautiful daughters. I was also adopted so I feel just a titch closer to her and her business than I did before. Not that I am going to creepily stalk her or anything… lol but I DID tweet her and tell her ‘I’m coming for her’. 😀 We shall see if I get to meet up with her! #notcreepyipromise

I have also been campaigning to be nominated to receive an exclusive backstage tour and a copy of Christy’s best-selling book, Business Boutique, autographed by each of their main stage speakers.


Know me personally,
Have gone through a course of mine,
Just plain get me & can relate to me…..

Let me know here if you would be willing to help me out and nominate me too!
I will privately message you the link.

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