Bots on a mission: Facebook Messenger Bot Automation Interview with Kerri

Bots on a mission!
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Kerri is an awesomesauce boss mom that helps you make sales in your sleep! She is passionate about making your business profitable and gives you the actual time and financial freedom you want! Kerri started strategically using messenger for her business and that one decision 6x my engagement on my page and doubled my leads and sales!

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Laura Rike: All right y’all, welcome. I’m super excited! We’ve been giggling behind the scenes here as we’re waiting to get started. We’re talking about if we should do a dance party, or just come on and say “Hi.” I’m in a weird funky dance party mood. So thanks for joining us, you guys. I am Laura. As you all know, if you don’t know, check out my profile, but I’m super excited because I have Karrie here today and we are going to be talking about Pinterest and Facebook bots!

Karrie Carlile: Like a party going on.

Laura: Heck, yes… Oh my gosh. All right, well, why don’t you give us a little bit of a background on how you got started in the world of Facebook bots and why you love it so much?

Karrie: Oh my gosh. Okay, so hello, my name is Karrie Carlile. I know I’m meeting most of you for the first time and I help people to automate and scale their business using tools like Facebook Messenger. And this is actually how I got started, okay, so I’m on network marketing by that time I started, three little kids at home, like can you relate to having the craziness of life trying to build your business with three little ones at home and still working? I remember I was going to like I was trying to do my business online, but I felt like if I didn’t follow up with people right away, I was losing leads left and right! And I just didn’t have the time to be able to react right away to everybody, right? And I was feeling like super stressed out. I was like, “there has to be a way to build this business even while I’m working in my nine to five?” right. And then, I stumbled on messenger bots. And it was a game changer for my business personally because it was a really easy way to automate things, reply to people right away, while I was in my nine to five, and it basically allowed me to have enough growth in my business. To quit my full-time job back in September of 2018 and become my own boss. So that’s why I love messenger bots.

Laura: Yayyy!

Karrie: Yeah! And the cool thing is, it’s like one of the cheapest ways that you can automate things, even if you don’t have a website, all those other things. So it doesn’t have to take a lot of money. Just a little bit of ingenuity.

Laura: So cool. That’s so awesome. What is one of your biggest tips for someone who is just looking to start out into messenger bots? Maybe they’re not quite sure how to get started or anything like that, but they know that they’ve got a baby on the hip, and dinner on the oven and they have 20 messages that they’re needing to reply to potential leads and customers. Like what do they do before they go insane?!

Karrie: Oh my god!, If I had to boil it down to one tip, this is the biggest thing that actually was game-changing for me, is creating what’s called a little main menu at the bottom of your messenger. It only shows up in mobile, but what I strategically did was at the bottom of Messenger, they’d get a message right away when they send me a message. And I said, “Hey, ask your question here. Check the main menu to see if it can answer your question and if not, I’ll get back to you when I’m back online.” right? But strategically, I made that menu have ways to become a lead for me to subscribe for show notifications to my products. So people were messaging me for some other reason and then all of a sudden I was getting leads without me doing anything. So that was one thing to set up.

Laura: Oh my god. Girl, fix mine!

Karrie: I’ll happily fix your Laura!

Laura: Perfect! Because that is not how I was using mine. And that’s all wig butter.

Karrie: Mmm, hmmm. Yes.

Laura: Oh my gosh, that’s so awesome. Cool. Okay, well, let’s talk about the fun merger that we are putting together for you with Pinterest and Facebook automation that you’ve been working on. And like how that’s changing your mindset, like let’s start from the very beginning, right. So other people know, we met in a mastermind group, right? Literally the best group I’ve joined this year like it’s mind-blowing. And like the support in that group is absolutely amazing. So it’s been super fun to meet people just like you. And then we started kind of learning more about each other and let me have you tell me or our audience like, what got you interested in my Pinterest boot camp and what I teach people how to do?

Kerri is an awesomesauce boss mom that helps you make sales in your sleep! She is passionate about making your business profitable and give you the actual time and financial freedom you want! Kerri started strategically using messenger for her business and that one decision 6x my engagement on my page and doubled my leads and sales!

Karrie: So like I said, I started out in network marketing. So several years ago, I had actually decided, “Oh, I’ll use Pinterest!” because I was doing oils, full transparency. That’s what I do for the network marketing side. So I was like, “Oh, Pinterest seems like the place to be.” But as my business changed from doing network marketing to helping other people build their business, I didn’t think that that was a platform I could use anymore, right? And then I remember you saying that it was good for anybody. And I was like, “No, that can’t be true. It won’t work for my business!” I was basically like calling you out. And then when you start talking about I was like, “Oh, no. Why haven’t I been using this? What in the world was I thinking? I need to hop back in and figure out how to actually do this thing.”

Laura: Perfect. Yeah, and so how has that been working for you and your mindset in like? Because it’s so much more than just like pinning a design on the platform, like we’ve dived into so many different ways to utilize this, in terms of like repurposing, and again, like that automation piece. So like, how has that helped you in terms of workflow and mindset? And I know, we discussed the workflow, I want you to be real and honest and transparent, because that’s something that I want other people to realize as well to like, I will let you give that out. But let’s talk about like the workflow and how that’s going for you? And then let’s talk about the mindset, like what shifted for you once you joined the boot camp?

Karrie: Yeah, so I think it was two big mindset shifts that I had. Number one, that it could actually work for my business. Seeing how simple it could be and I was making it so freaking complicated the whole time. Because that was the other thing. So I joined a Pinterest program, really popular one, back a few years ago. And when I went through with the advice I was given was pinning like 100 times, I think every couple of days, and I was like, “Oh, you can do 50 pins while your kids are sleeping for 30 minutes every night” and I felt so overwhelmed by what I had.

Laura: Really?

Karrie: Yeah.

Laura: Oh my gosh, that’s like giving me goosebumps.

Karrie: It was panicking because I was like, “What, how?” Because they advertise it as saying like, it’s only 30 minutes, right? But how stressful is that to be like, Okay, I have to do that many pins and I have to have like 20 boards because I remember that’s what they said it needed and it was so overwhelming? So a huge relief going through the boot camp to be like, “Okay, this kind of work if I set it up to the right way without me wanting to pull my hair out and cry.” So that made me super excited. So where I’m at right now is this month is actually the month that I’m implementing everything that I learned in the boot camp because I just finished a launch last month. Now I’m going to go through and start building out my Pinterest and I’m so excited to start seeing all that traffic going to my website and my Facebook Lives that I’m already doing.

Laura: Yeah, which is awesome. And that’s something that we focus on in the boot camp and the group as well. It’s like, you don’t have to be a blogger posting up a blog every single day. You don’t have to be someone that’s creating 20 designs every week for new pin designs like repurpose what you have to be able to make it work for you! Don’t be pinning 50 times a day. In a half hour, which I’m sure is possible, but let me just touch on the fact that if you are re-pinning 50 things or even pinning 50 things a day, it’s not going to take you a half hour. Because I teach you that you need to be checking the links, you want to make sure that there are descriptions and hashtags that match your branding, like the colors, like there are so many different things that,… Yeah, you can do it in a half hour a day, the way I teach it, but not 50 of them if you want them to be on brand and working like, oh my gosh, that’s crazy! But yeah, so I’m super excited that you’re ready to jump in and like, get going on everything. And the biggest thing about our Bootcamp too, that I just want to hit home on for everybody to, and see what your thoughts boot campare, and now that you’re going to be more active in it, and things like that. The fact that it’s not just a course, right? Like, it’s a group, it’s trainings and even after the two-hour boot camp that we go through live ‘one on one; with like strategies in your business, in the businesses and niches of people that are in there, is the clarity and support that you get after that as well. Like it’s not just, here are some videos go through a course. Right? So why don’t I have you like, I know you haven’t been super active because of your own things in your launch in your business. But that’s the beauty of it. Right? So why don’t we just touch on that for a minute, like, do you feel like that’s something that you can hop back into and still get the support and accountability of everything you would get if it were a full course versus what I have?

Karrie: Oh, yeah, absolutely. Like I think that’s the best part about it too. Because you’re also like, you are very good and let us know what’s going on. If there’s updates or some new strategy. So I always feel like even though I’m not implementing it yet, that’s this month. I’m still seeing what’s coming through and knowing that I have it there to go back to. And I love being able to ask that question. And I can like, go back and ask questions too, which is really, really nice. So I remember when I was live, it was helpful because I could ask questions specific for my business, which did provide like a ton of clarity. So I highly recommend if you can do it live, do it live! Because she’ll answer all your questions. But I feel like, just as support afterward to know if I asked you a question in the group, I know you’re going to come in and answer it exactly to me. That’s what I love and it’s a spot like your brain, like kind of spawns other ideas. And then you share those ideas with us which is even better.

Laura: It’s super fun for me because even when I’m working on like I’m done for your clients, right, there are things that come up that’s like, “oh my gosh!”, like, yeah, let’s totally do this. So there are different points where we will schedule and we will have unscheduled times, where I go live in the group. Like, I mean, the first time I launched this boot camp was, I think, six months ago now. And I still go live in the group, right. And so we still go over different ways, different things, Pinterest is changing. It went public like all these things, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to get the help and the clarity and the strategies that you need just because you joined six months ago. So that’s the super cool part about this as well. And even a tidbit for you guys. Like even if you don’t join my master class and my boot camp, like one thing I want you guys to do, is do your homework in whoever you want to train you on Pinterest. If we’re not a good fit, that’s totally fine. But the biggest thing is, is Pinterest has had so many changes lately. Do your due diligence and make sure that they’re updating their course. Because there have been some people that have bought courses and they’re like, “Laura, they aren’t talking about this at all.” And that’s I mean, to each its own, but my thought is, is if you’re going to pay me like, to make sure you understand Pinterest in and out, like, I don’t want you doing it wrong, I don’t care if we met and you paid me for the Bootcamp five years ago, or if it’s two days ago, like, I want you guys to make sure that you’re doing it the right way. Right. Like that’s just success all around, all around.

Karrie: Truth and I can attest to that because I’m still part of that same course. And I remember even as recent as maybe like six months ago, people complaining that it hadn’t been updated. So like, it was being referred to programs that weren’t even allowed on Pinterest anymore. So, I yeah, that’s what I love. And I remember, I even remember you made an update like right after I took boot camp to it was something about how often you should repin something and you’re like, “Okay, nevermind, I just got the official word. This is one of like, excellent, you know, and it was maybe a week later.

Laura: And that’s the nice thing about this boot camp too, is you guys are getting those real-time updates. You don’t have to go back to the beginning of a module in a course or anything like that like, you just joined another live stream on Facebook with you’re already using Facebook anyway, right? Like, hop in, watch it, catch the replay whatever works for you, too. So what is your biggest takeaway or excitement to implement for Pinterest for your business? Like what gets you all jazzed up and ready to go in terms of something you learned from the boot camp?

Karrie: Um, oh, that’s a good question.

Laura: Throw it out there girl.

Karrie: In my head, the excitement that I have about it is like this untapped potential that I just haven’t been using. Reaching people in a way that I just didn’t have and being able to get traffic from it. I think that’s what excites me. And I don’t know that’s something? Well, I did learn because it was again, going back to that mindset shift. I could be doing this. And for me personally, like I have just stuck to Facebook ads, right. So the whole idea of expanding to a new platform and doing it with you know, me crying into a little ball.

Laura: So untapped potential is the word that you used, which I love. I have a master class coming up and we go over the three undeniable reasons you need to be on Pinterest for your business. It is a free master class, and we talk about how to utilize an untapped potential with Pinterest in your niche like those are literally the exact words I feel like we’re on the same wavelength here.

Karrie: And I did not cheat because of I just, yeah!

Laura: I didn’t know that I was gonna ask you that question. There is no way to cheat. This is all real-time on the fly transparency. This is how I like it. Because then, you know, you get the real experience. It’s not scripted. It’s not like, robotic, right?! Like it’s just more fun this way.

Karrie: It is way more honestly.

Laura: I was gonna say maybe for me, I don’t know. I’m putting you on the spot.

Karrie: No, I have gotten myself in trouble a few times with interviews though, with answers to questions that people weren’t expecting.

Laura: Oh my gosh, that’s so cute. All right. Well, you guys, thank you so much, Karrie, for hanging out here with me today. If you guys have any questions about Facebook Messenger Automation, or Manychat because that’s the platform you train on the most, correct?

Karrie: Yes.

Laura: That’s my platform for my voice. I love them. Definitely reach out to Karrie. I will make sure to put her link in the comments below this video so that you can connect with her in different ways. She is absolutely stellar, amazing. I love her dearly. We have so many laughs on a weekly basis together. It’s so much fun. And thank you so much for joining me in this boot camp and this live stream.

Karrie: Hop on her master class!

Laura: Yay. All right, you guys. Thank you so much. We’ll catch y’all later.

Kerri is an awesomesauce boss mom that helps you make sales in your sleep! She is passionate about making your business profitable and give you the actual time and financial freedom you want! Kerri started strategically using messenger for her business and that one decision 6x my engagement on my page and doubled my leads and sales!

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