Consulting Blueprint: 
Pinterest Conversion Strategy

Want to secure a HIGHLY PROFITABLE new traffic & lead generation strategy?

Why are you still just watching from the sidelines wishing it had worked? You can be taking full advantage of this underutilized platform, even though it never took off for you when you tried. 

We have the exact customized Pinterest marketing blueprint that will take your one seed you started and grow it into to a thriving garden that will continue to produce without leaving you confused & overwhelmed of what to do next. 

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You're looking to create bigger demand for your brand...

...but you lack bandwidth to take on more clients or hire more team members to generate more brand awareness, traffic or email leads. You have a longing to grow your revenue streams (or your client's) and increase the margins

Enter Pinterest! 

Pinterest can be a powerful marketing tool, but it's hard to know where to start and how to keep track of your efforts. Plus the learning curve for your team can be steep let alone spending time keeping up with the trends.

Let’s be real: You and your team are rockstars in your niche, focused on serving your clients whole-heartedly, but they are not verse in the trends, design dos and don'ts, or just a strategy for Pinterest in general. 

Do any of these apply to you?

laura rike speaking - pinterest coaching
pinterest coaching laura rike

You are successful but your brand awareness and demand is not where you want it to be...

You want to increase your profit margins without sacrificing the quality of your work or the satisfaction of your clients. You want to bring in more leads and sales, but your team is maxed out on deliverables. This blueprint is the best way to help fast and effectively to create a time & cash infusion you need!

Your team doesn't have time to learn & you don't have time to train them...

We specialize in Pinterest for businesses and how to increase conversions on rinse and repeat - so that your team doesn't have to. The quarterly blueprint shows them everything they need to implement for a stellar Pinterest strategy for your clients.

You & your team can't keep up with the trends...

The things people are interested in change, as do the trends for what you could be ranking for online. So instead of adding one more time-consuming researching task to your teams plate, the blueprint will provide you insider details on what you should be focusing on for the next 90 days to hit all the trends!

Take a moment to consider...

What is it costing you to stay where you are right now, hoping that the new & right solution will fall into place, or that you'll finally implement the strategy that will change your business's revenue profits forever? 

Time, money, and energy are all precious commodities, and when you're stuck in a rut, it can feel like you're hemorrhaging all three. But there is a way out. 

This is why I created a method to create a cash infusion... 

in your business without having to recreate your whole structure internally. 

One of the clients I helped in the past weeks brought in a cash infusion of $13,500 with her team only having to implement a few hours work to the full 90 day strategy, and it's easy for any business with an online presence and proven offers!!

andrew carlson

"The blueprint is insanely valuable and I am excited to have a person on my side who gets the journey. Laura's the real deal. She's 100% authentic in everything she does & says. Thanks Laura!"

Andrew Carlson

Generate higher profit margins with this Blueprint strategy! 

So... How will this directly impact your agency?

Before you get your hands on a blueprint:

Your spending tons of time doing research with your team to find the trends and content that work - costing you hours of additional overhead
You have outdated strategies that no longer work, & so your clients are not seeing the results from your attempts at an additional service your trying to offer
You have wasted tons of money trying to train your team so that they can eventually take it over for your clients
Ugly crying into the mirror every night because you are so tired of reaching the monthly profit numbers over & over again with no new results

After you've gotten your blueprint:

You can focus on the priorities in your business because the research is done for you & your team, only costing 2-3 hours of their time to execute
You have updated current strategies to get your content indexed in front of their competition. They're growing & you have a new reliable revenue stream.
Your profit margins are increased with every new client who adds this on as an additional service since all your team has to do is implement it 
Jumping for joy on zoom in front of your team, because they implemented the strategies for your clients while hitting your highest month yet

Not sure if this is for you and your team?

"Laura is extremely knowledgeable about her field and committed to staying up to date on the latest platform changes and newest best practices to ensure her clients' perform well."

Courtney Brien

WE Evaluate. WE Build. YOU Implement.

Grow your profits at the speed of light and dazzle your customers with amazing strategy and support. 

When it comes to effective marketing, having a plan is essential. Without a clear strategy, it can be difficult to know what steps to take or what information will be most useful. That's where we come in. At SimplyPintastic, we specialize in creating customized marketing plans for our clients. We'll take the time to learn about your business and your goals, and then we'll build a comprehensive strategy that will help you achieve success. Best of all, we'll provide you with all the steps and information you need to implement the plan - all you have to do is put it into action.

Best Value



Per Year + Quarterly Reports

All quarterly report benefits included in this package including:

Year over year analytic comparisons
10-15 custom design templates
Access to the Pintastic Rockstars paid group for one year
Quarterly 30 minute coaching call 
New Trends Keyword Report each quarter
Delivered in 10-14 days



Payment plan + Quarter Reports

All one-time report benefits included in this package including:

Report Comparison of previous quarters
Action plan of changes
Content needing extra love & refresh
New Trends Keyword Report
Delivered in 14-21 days



one time report

Get a one-time deep dive report into your business & a strategy for your team

Trends Keyword Report
Content Strategy
Design Indexing Report
Conversion Tracking
Delivered in 21-30 days


Our most asked questions

How is Pinterest used for business?

Pinterest offers a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with potential customers by sharing images of their products and services. And because pins (images) are so visual, they tend to be more engaging than text-based posts on other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Pinterest can be used for business in a number of ways, but one of the most effective is to use it as a tool to diversify and increase conversions by creating content that drives traffic back to your website or blog by adding pins with links back to your content. And, lastly, you can use Pinterest Analytics to track the progress of your pins and see which ones are performing the best.

How long does it take to start seeing traffic from Pinterest?

It takes a while for Pinterest to index keywords, so it can take a few weeks or even months for Pinterest to start sending traffic your way. The good news is you can help index your pins faster by using the trends keyword reports we send to you!

Why do Pinterest trends matter?

Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine and can be a great tool for businesses to leverage. Pinterest trends can give businesses an idea of what's popular on the platform at any given time, which can help them to create pins that are more likely to be seen and engaged with by users. Additionally, businesses can use Pinterest insights to see which of their pins are performing well so they can create more of those types of pins.

Pinterest is constantly updating its algorithm to surface the most popular and relevant pins for each user. So if you're looking to stay ahead of the curve with your marketing, keeping track of the latest Pinterest trends is essential.

Would my business benefit from this if we are already on Pinterest?

Pinterest is constantly updating its algorithm to surface the most popular and relevant pins for each user, so if you are looking to expand your reach, increase your conversions and grow your profit margins - then the answer is a resounding YES! This will help you see what the changes are clearly, and quickly adapt your implementation strategy to them. 

Does this include ads reports?

This is currently only for organic marketing strategies as advertising has its own requirements on the platform. If ads is something you want to look into further go ahead and check out some more information about that here

How do you choose the strategy for my brand?

This is apart of our onboarding. Once we enter a contract together, you will receive a form that shows us your brand in great detail. We will also request access to your Google Analytics. These pieces are crucial for us to be able to see what has possibly worked in the past and how to craft a bullet-proof strategy for the future. We will also inquire about your Good, Better & Best goals so that we can constantly celebrate wins with you along our journey of working together!

Got more questions? Ask us...

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