5 Simple Ways To Develop Titles For Your Blog

Learn 5 simple ways in creating the best title for your content!
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Blogging has gained immense popularity, especially after giving boost to the incomes of all those people that prefer working from home or to business owners looking to boost their visibility online.

This is the best thing about having a blog – anyone can make and develop one. However, it is not as easy as it sounds… you may create your own blog, but how do you plan to maintain it?

This is where you need to focus on the titles of your blog. Unless you have an amazing title to the content of your blog, it won’t work. (P.S. – If you aren’t even blogging yet you should start here: Why Blogging Is Important: 4 Ways It Improves Your Business

I give you 5 ways in creating the best titles for your blog!

I am a mommy blogger, but as a small business owner primarily for Envizion Advertising, I regularly read some blogs to update my knowledge. Thus, I know what we readers look for in blogs. I am here to give you to the following simple ways in which you can develop the best titles to your content:

  • Keep it simple

    Use your favorite search engine for something good – search for some of the most popular blogs and read the content; you would be surprised to see the simple, yet catchy titles of the posts. When you write titles in a simple language, people find it easy to understand. Your train of thoughts halts at the most accurate station in the minds of the readers.

  • Make it worth reading

    No reader would waste his time reading something that’s not worth it. Even if you have a small business blog, the title of the posts should be such that the readers get attached to what you mention, so that you achieve lead generation.

  • Keep it ‘sexy’

    Believe it or not, sexy things always sell. You gain attention from the readers even if you write the word ­ In most of the blogging tips, you would notice how the writers tell you to make the titles as spicy as possible. So, spice it up!

  • Use the concept of SEO

    Although most of the bloggers prefer using the keywords in the main body and not in the title, I suggest keeping the keyword in the title as well to make it more enticing and search-engine friendly! BTW blog titles aren’t the only thing that can help with your SEO! Check out 3 Ways Pinterest Can Help You Rank Higher in Search Engines

  • Use emotional triggers

    If you are a regular blogger, you surely know how to use the concept of emotional triggers. Create and develop titles on the basis of the reader’s emotions so that he is forced to read the content.


There are many bloggers out there that find it difficult to keep their titles and main bodies related. Therefore, along with an excellent title, focus on the other aspects of the content as well to have followers for your blog.


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