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Instead of Quitting, Try This... - Envizion Advertising
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Avoid quitting prematurely:

  1. Hit the pause button. Most poor decisions could be avoided by taking a short pause. When you’re stressed, overworked, overtired, and fed-up, rash decisions become the norm. Give yourself the time you need to make a wise decision. Allow your head to clear before you make a decision that changes your life. Most decisions can wait.
  2. View the situation objectively. Try to be objective and weigh the situation carefully. Enlist the help of a friend if necessary. It can be easier to evaluate someone else’s situation accurately than your own.
  3. Consider the worst-case scenario. Think long-term. Quitting is an easy choice when you only consider the short-term ramifications. You can relieve your stress almost immediately! However, what are the long-term consequences? If you quit your job, without a plan and outside resources, how will you support your family?
  • Reconsider quitting if the long-term consequences are too severe. A little relief now isn’t worth long-term pain.
  • Who will be impacted by your quitting? Who is depending on you to make a wise decision?
  • What message are you sending to your children? What would you recommend to a child in a similar circumstance? Your children are always watching. Be sure to set a good example.

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  1. Ask yourself if a new approach is warranted. Maybe you shouldn’t quit. Maybe you need a new plan. Not getting the results you desire isn’t necessarily a sign that you should call it quits. Poor results indicate an ineffective process. Perhaps all you need is a tweak to your approach. Major accomplishments are accompanied by numerous failed attempts.
  2. Ask yourself why you’re considering quitting. Is it because you don’t believe you can be successful? You don’t have the resources you require? Do you not enjoy the job, activity, or relationship in question? Are you lacking the necessary time?
  • Some reasons for quitting are better than others. Quitting a second job you don’t need so you can spend more time with your children is a good reason to quit. Ending your marriage because your spouse won’t pick up his dirty socks might be a bit extreme.
  • Is there another solution besides quitting?
  1. Consider the times you’ve given up in the past. How do you feel about those events today? Was quitting a good idea or do you regret it? How are you likely to feel in the future about quitting in your current situation?
  2. Sometimes it’s necessary to lower your head and keep going. There are times when quitting is the best choice. However, when it’s not the best choice, it’s necessary to be strong and keep going. As awful as it may feel, stick with that horrible job until you have a plan of action for something better. Give counseling a try before quitting on another relationship.
  • If your default coping mechanism is quitting, you’ll never accomplish anything.


Take a moment before making a hasty decision. Quitting isn’t to be taken lightly. Before making the decision to quit, consider the consequences, consult with a trusted friend, and consider your history. In some instances, quitting is final. Avoid creating long-term challenges to alleviate stress in the short-term. Give yourself the time you require to make a wise decision.


By Candace M. Gray M.S.

As an entrepreneur things will not always be peaches and cream. The reality is, there are times we all consider quitting. Quitting isn’t always a bad choice. We’ve been taught to believe that quitting is synonymous with failure, but some activities or relationships aren’t worth continuing. It’s important to arrive at a decision to quit or continue consciously, rather than making a reflexive decision.

Candace is a Mindset & Success Coach and Travel & Play Relationship Building Expert. She helps aspiring entrepreneurs find the confidence they need to escape the 9-5 and obtain time freedom and financial security in their own passion-based business. She also helps couples and families increase intimacy, spontaneity and communication through travel experiences & interactive games.

Learn more about Candace at or connect with her directly in the Freedom Finders Inner Circle private community.

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  • Hassaan Khan

    November 3, 2016

    Hi, Candice!

    This is amazing. People who might be suffering from career stress should read this. It’s incredibly helpful and empathetic.
    I’m going to share on Twitter. Thank you so much!

  • Kelsey

    November 2, 2016

    This is great! I have a tendency to hide rathee than quit, but many of these questions help with that as well! Thank you!

    • Candace Gray

      November 2, 2016

      I encourage you Kelsey to stay the course and find your strength within love. No more hiding is necessary! You got this!

  • Judith Soule

    November 2, 2016

    This is great advice! If I find myself getting too frustrated with a situation, I’ll take a pause for the cause and walk away for a few minutes!

    • Candace Gray

      November 2, 2016

      Boom! I love it! I have to do that too a lot. Like “Candace walk away! Get up now and leave it before you throw the laptop! lol” So I totally understand.

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