5 Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Blog Sidebar Conversion Rate

5 ways to dramatically increase your blog sidebar conversion rate

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Blog Sidebar Conversion Rate

Creating a blog is great. However, there are aspects that need to be the focus. So, the most important one is the blog sidebar conversion rate. It is an element that is found on just about every page (except for landing pages), so it is vital for the success of your blog.

The question is, how do you create a blog sidebar that will convert random readers into devoted subscribers? You can complete these easy steps.

5 Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Blog Sidebar Conversion Rate

Step One: Use a compelling call to action

You must tell your visitors to do something. This will help bring a personal touch to your blog. That is always great to have as your visitors will want to continue looking at your blog. Vistors will greatly look at all of your posts. Therefore, you must put a persuasive call to action in your blog’s sidebar.

Step Two: Link to a resources page

One of the goals of any blog is to get people to read. Because in order to do that, you have to include information-packed content, including a list of resources. List this right below your call to action. Why? Because if people aren’t quite ready to take the plunge and give you their email address, they are probably looking for more information. Make sure you provide it.

Step Three: Avoid putting badges in your sidebar

Because it is tempting to fill in all that space with clutter, it can be a conversion killer.
Don’t include links to ALL of your social media sites in your sidebar
If you are on six or seven social media site and you include links to all of them, chances are people won’t click on any of them. After all, they will not want to go to each site and follow you. Therefore, just include your twitter feed, for example, and it is more likely that people will click on that and follow you.

Step Four: Build a feature box and offer something to subscribers

Offering something to your subscriber will make them feel special. It is great to offer things as they will want to continue supporting your blog. Whether it’s an ebook or a white paper or some other freebie, this will most certainly increase your subscriber rate.

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5 Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Blog Sidebar Conversion Rate

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