Using Pinterest For Keyword Research

Using Pinterest For Keyword Research - Envizion Advertising with Laura Rike of Minnesota

While everyone knows that finding the perfect long tail keyword is key to gaining a high search rank, not everyone who uses SEO strategies knows just how to accomplish this in the most effective way. While you can use services such as Google’s Keyword Planner, or even just by searching Google itself, there are actually quite effective ways of using Pinterest’s keyword planner to do the same work in a much more efficient way, so you…

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10 Tips for Instagram Engagement

10 Tips for Instagram Engagement - Envizion Advertising

Instagram is still a social media platform, so while so many people focus on getting followers, Instagram ENGAGEMENT is KEY! Instagram is known as the “King of Social Engagement.” Engagement rates on Instagram are astronomically higher than other social platforms. Basically engagement rate means that per post, you get more likes and comments (you know, human interactions, or engagements) than on other platforms. So if 100 people see your Instagram post, you might get 4 comments. If…

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How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Local Business

How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Local Business - Envizion Advertising

Do you want to learn more about utilizing the leading search engine site to market your local business?  Do you want to get your potential leads hooked on your brand so they’ll become loyal customers? Top brands are already tapping into the benefits of Pinterest to expand their enterprises, with overwhelming success.  You can, too. These strategies can help you whether you’re already established and want to grow or you’re just starting out. Network to Grow Your Audience. Develop…

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