Become More Socially Organized In Less Than 10 Minutes!

We all know that social media is constantly becoming more and more prevalent in our society. You see it everywhere you go: people checking their emails on their smart phones, kids playing games on their iPads, and chances are that you’re reading this blog on some sort of small and sleek electronic device (unless someone printed this out to put into a book of the best blogs ever written. I guess that would be ok.)…

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Establish Your Brand With Instagram Marketing!

Establish YOUR Brand With Instagram!

In my line of work, Instagram marketing has become a very important aspect of social media. I am still baffled when business owners tell me that they don’t think Instagram is an important part of their advertising efforts. While I understand that many businesses feel that they have little to take photos of or share with the world, I will also make the point that there is always a way to make this happen. Also,…

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